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  • Noticed there is no thread on this. Seeing as we are all getting screwed/about to get screwed I would like to hear peoples views and/or have a healthy debate.

    A friend of mine is applying to Barclays Wealth and one of the questions they asked him is "What would be your recommendations to stabilise the world economy?"

    Surely this is slightly paradoxical, as banks make money when there is no equilibrium. Infact, I would go so far as to say that an unstable economy is the aim. It produces opportunities, be they in arbitraging commodity prices or fucking up governments of 'lesser' countries by kicking bond yields into outer space etc, but these opportunities are only accessible by the '1%'. i.e. the rich get richer if there is instability.

    We have seen the Occupy movements in many countries and keeping in mind writings of all scholars, from Adam Smith and Keynes right through to Kropotkin and Marx, what are your thoughts?

  • Is the epic fail thread not enough?

  • banks make money when there is no equilibrium.

    This would be the right answer to give

  • aye the 1% can only make money when the cash is on the move, which is why the tables are tipped on a regular basis. money knows no allegiance, is a-political, a-moral and it flows to where ever it can reproduce itself fastest, like a virus.

  • Has David Cameron sold us down the river for a political half life, has George Cameron ever had a real job in his life - scary times ahead.

  • Who's this George Cameron? Sounds like my worst nightmare.

  • Banks make money by introducing people that have money to people that want money.

    Sometimes volatility makes that happen more, sometimes less.

    Once upon a time this was possibly true. Since then things have got a little perverted.

  • to say the least !

    i just feel sorry for all the people with dodgy crap in their pensions, with no time to make the losses back...

  • Bloody banks!

  • i'm working on the inside trying to bring the whole system down
    my cunning plan nearly worked in 2007
    my second putsch is underway currently it seems to be going ok so far

  • where do you work?

  • hanover square
    just behind oxford street tube

  • And what does this plan involve?

  • Fuckin' bankers, takin' our money! Cunts!

    goes on holiday, paid for on credit card

  • ^^ now that would be insider trading and get me struck off !!

    all i can say is it's going according to plan so far

  • Are you buying-up Monorail stock?

  • I don't think it is only a case of failed banks that fucked up the economy but also politician's bad management and decision making that helped excel the situation/mess that we are in...

  • Deregulation is where it all started.

  • glass speigel
    and the fact goldmans sachs are providing all of the economic heavy weights in the last 6 or so US governments they will only promote what is good for their industry

    did anyone see the film on tv recently called Inside Job that really shows how corrupt the govt economic institutions are ... just looking after themselves and jobs for the boys / girls

  • Nope, you're all wrong. It's because of the big bonuses of the greedy bankers.

  • I saw that, it was breathtaking.

    Makes looting in London look like a minor incident.

    To be honest, if the bankes can brazenly steal like they did why cant everyone else?

    Imagine if everything was self regulating.

  • I used to work for Abbey, became Santander. They asked me to study the ACIB (Chartered Institute Bankers), what I learned on the first module about the financial system put me off continuing, still got the text books as a reminder.

    The conclusion I reached was that the system as it is will always fail eventually, as will any system that is built on a foundation of confidence and not a great deal more.

    It's more than likely I simply misunderstood what it was all about though...

  • our financials analyst here says the US govt made a shed load of money bailing out the banks so in theory it is in their favour to have boom, bust, bail out, make a profit ... and repeat ad infinitum

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Economy & Banks

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