Canadians! Ice Hockey Fans!

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  • Do you know of anywhere in London you can buy replica ice hockey shirts?


  • Skate attack up in north london used to do some, haven't been in there for a while though!

  • Sweet! Thanks! My ends too. I do so love this forum sometimes!!

  • Been a while since I've been to Skateattack too!

    I haven't played for a few years now...anyone want to buy some kit? I'm not holding my hopes high on having any takers.

  • Could hockey pads be used for polo protection - might be worth asking int'polo forum...?

  • Could well be worth an ask poots. I know hockey helmets are used in polo, but pads maybe a bit on the bulky side!

  • i know some of the polo bods, use what appear to be hockey gloves for hand protection, maybe able to shift them on, if not the pads

  • Thanks for the heads up cornelius... I'll get myself over to the polo forum and see what the deal is.

  • Anyone here been going to ice hockey games in London?

    Watched it a good bit on TV before, but never been to a live game. Went to see Streatham vs Romford at the Brixton rink on Saturday evening, it was brilliant. Definitely going again soon.

  • I used to watch (and play at ) Guildford - Its been a long time since ive been though.

    On a side note. THE NHL IS BACK!

  • On a side note. THE NHL IS BACK!

    Anywhere that shows live games ?

  • My guess...

  • Bodeans in Soho used to show hockey as well...

  • So, hockey starts again next week.

    Any hockey fans on here?

    Go Leafs!

  • One of my first night's out in London ended up here. We stumbled into a bunch of Canadians going mental because they were playing Sweden in the world champs or something.

  • I lied. It was Canada vs. Russia

  • Islanders are my team. And I am afraid it will not be good.

  • Yeah, not really excited by the Leafs chances this year, I don't think they really added to the team. Nylander and Bibeau are great prospects, but I don't think they will feature much this year.

  • I couldnt get into the NHL after watching Olympic hockey. Too dirty.

  • what team is likely to win this year john
    i fancy supporting a winning team for a change ?

  • Hard to say. The playoff system means there is a lot of luck involved.

  • As a Bruins fan I'm not sure how this season is going to go. I mean it's still a weak ass division but trading Boychuk to the Islanders is a pretty big blow, but thank God the Krug and Smith stuff finally got dealt with. Wonder if Pastrnak will stick around or get sent down to Providence.

    So excited for tomorrow, it's been wayyyyyyy too long without hockey. Need to sort my NHL Gamecenter subscription though. As for a winning team just pick one of the Kings, Bruins, Blackhawks or Penguins. If you're after pure garbage head towards the western Canadian teams.

  • Tuuk is the best goalie in the league, and the Bruins have a decent roster.
    Johnny Rocket going is a massive loss though.

    I see Martin St Louis got his trade from Lightning to NY Rangers, bit of a hit for Tampa, he was pretty decent when I saw them play last season.

  • I just have no idea how some of the lines are going to look. For the $$$ Eriksson is not a 3rd line winger and the only top line spot is the on RW of Krejci's line. Injuries aside he was on point for a 50+ point season, so I hope he's gonna crack on. As for the lines themselves I imagine it'll be something like




  • Toronto waived all their goons, so will be interesting to see if this means a swing to different tactics, or more that they actually picked up a few players with some talents.

    I did enjoy the brief Orr/Mclaren fighting double act though.

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Canadians! Ice Hockey Fans!

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