Cliveo - do come back

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  • But are we quite sure it's the real Clive?

    Who cares? We have Clive in stock and this is what matters.

  • nows he's back i'm all like " meh "

  • nows he's back i'm all like " meh "

    If you kiss him, he'll turn into a handsome prince.

  • If you kiss him, he'll turn you for a handsome price.


  • Sadly I cannot be there as I have to be elsewhere preparing for my new job.


  • Sadly I cannot be there as I have to be elsewhere preparing for my new job.

    Do you want fries with that?

  • Extra Chilli sauce?

  • open or wrapped?

  • come on lads be fair
    security guard at a top london office / call centre supervisor
    at the very least

  • Is that Festus on the left?

  • You have to realise that there are very few people working in Clive's field. The money didn't stretch to more than a few acres.

  • The last time I saw him I thought he'd lost weight.

  • In case he gets banned, just bumping this thread.

  • A question for Velocio - are Arsenal playing at home? I mean are you really thinking of banning Clive just because of his occasional plea to have tags back? Just ignore it.

  • Don't ban Clive.

    Clive and let Clive.

  • Has Clive been banned yet?

  • Ban him. Sneaky bloody lawyers.

  • Poor Cliveo.

    I liked his input.

  • I can understand why cliveo doesn't want to come back and seeing as he's a lot more tolerant of bellends than me i'm off too.
    never been one for all the handbags he-said/she-said run to teacher bullshit as this is just a forum about bikes and shit which people tend to forget as they lose their grip on the 'real world' beyond the computer keyboard.
    This forum has become what it set out to distance itself from. originally created as bike radar didn't have a place for people who rode fixed bikes further than E1and now several thousand members later it's bikeradar v1.2 for fixie-commuters. but instead of Lennard Zinn we have scoble-testes and that's not worth the cover price.
    If i could distill it down to the football/coffee/photography and cycling threads* then it's worth donating again but there's too much glorified colour supplement commuter fashion angst to wade through.
    *not 5mile pubcrawls with spokecards and a trip to A&E
    don't get me wrong the forum has some great bits like the polo forum that exists as a secular microcosm (which is a good thing.) but when somebody universally liked get's advised to leave by a pompous fishwife it's time for a reappraisal.
    i fail to see why i was singled out for a ban when i drew attention to Clive's absence, as i type this people are doing the same thing for the same reasons yet go unbanned.
    (david do not bother replying as to why as i know you don't want to spend your evenings responding to complaints)

    thankfully the great people i have met through this forum since 2007 know how to use social media/internet to stay in touch.
    funny how the number of the '100 club' still posting on here is slowly dwindling.

    i think i know why.

    Miss you^

  • 'Pompous fishwife', so true...

  • He's vanished again. He did this a couple of years ago during tag-gate.

  • It's amazing how one so corpulent can vanish like a puff of smoke.

    Whoosh, he was gone.

  • He's taking a break. You lot would be saner, too, if you took a break from the forum every once in a while.


  • It's amazing how one so corpulent can vanish like a puff of smoke.

    Whoosh, he was gone.

    Cliver Soze

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Cliveo - do come back

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