2011-12-02 - Rider Down/Fatality, Tower Bridge

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  • Just seen a tweet from citycyclecop saying that there were 2 separate collisions on Tower Bridge today - one fatal. I know no more than that.
    Thoughts going out to all involved.
    Ride safe out there.

  • hate these threads.

    I cycle that route everyday and Tower Bridge is pretty sketchy. Fingers crossed this is not true and thoughts for cyclists involved and their families.

  • RIP

    My thoughts to the friends and family of the fallen.

  • Shit. RIP rider and I hope the injury to the other heals up quickly.

    A bit more news here: http://www.london-se1.co.uk/forum/read/1­/148528

    It's a terrible bridge for cyclists, and yet both me and my girlfriend both have to ride over it to get to work every day. The road is too narrow for many of the vehicles, and the side of the carridgeway is distorted (into vertical lumps) and broken up meaning that you either have to own the lane (often not possible when it's already snarled up) or sneak around small gaps. Not much scope for changing the road layout given the historical significance of the bridge, but one solution might be to ban HGVs, buses and other wide vehicles from crossing?

  • My thoughts are with the rider's family.

    According to Southwark News it happened South of Tower Bridge:
    A cyclist, believed to be a woman, has been killed in a road traffic collision at Tower Bridge Road/Abbey Street.

  • Fuck.
    This is terrible terrible news.

    LCC have just tweeted;

                [![](http://a2.twimg.com/profile_images/­1372848102/FACEBOOK-TWITTER_normal.gif)]­(http://twitter.com/#%21/london_cycling)­        [@london_cycling](http://twitter.com/#%2­1/london_cycling)     LondonCyclingCampaig          
        police report another cyclist death, female in Bermondsey killed by HGV 10.15am - London needs a zero-fatality policy
  • Sounds completely horrible, RIP

  • Police confirm that a female cyclist in her 20s died there this morning.

    Haven't there been 2 other similar deaths along this section of Tower Bridge Road?
    Shocking news.

  • @RossLydall from ES on Twitter

    London Ambulance says woman cyclist believed to be in 20s died 10am from head injuries in collision with car on Tower Bridge Rd / Abbey St

    Met police say woman cyclist was killed by a lorry not a car

  • .V sad. Another rider claimed by the HGV's. Thoughts with the friends and family.

    from se1 forum:
    [URL="http://www.london-se1.co.uk/forum/profil­e/1/30402"][/URL]Friday 2 December 2011 12.35pm
    Sarah V
    I spoke to a lady who saw the accident. She said that the girl looked to be in her twenties and was dragged under a lorry. According to the person who saw it, the girl didn't make it. Seems like yet another fatal accident involving a cyclist and a lorry.

  • awful news, RIP fellow rider

  • yet another tragedy - thoughts to friends and family as always.

  • Terrible news. RIP cyclist. Thoughts with friends and family.


  • RIP.


    (All roads leading to, from and on tower bridge need a serious re-thinking, that stretch is a proper mess.)

  • RIP Lady and thoughts going out to nearest and dearest. So sad

  • Fucking terrible, my thoughts go to those who knew her.

  • Rip

  • That's 15 thus far, this year.
    My condolences to the friends and family of the cyclist.

  • RIP. Another avoidable loss.

  • I think she is the 16th :(

  • I just cyled past the site. I am so upset. I make the exact same journey twice a day to work and back. My thoughts are with the rider's friends and family.
    Stay safe, y'all.

  • And the Lords are having a debate about cyclists injuring peds on the pavements...

    Makes me so fucking angry. Nothing is being done to stop this, all they care about is getting materials across London to places such as the Olympic site.

    Why can't central London be HGV free except by special license? Late night drops only for HGV's?

    R.I.P. bike girl.

  • RIP female cyclist. That is a very nasty section of road and a real danger to cyclists. And yes, I believe this is the third cycle fatality in the area in recent years

  • I am speechless. Terrible at anytime, and that much worse for the whole family at this time of year. My sympathy to all who were close to her.

    Keep safe everybody.

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2011-12-02 - Rider Down/Fatality, Tower Bridge

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