The middle aged thread

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  • Surely one sounds ones horn

  • I let my driver deal with that nonsense.

  • Surely one sounds ones horn


  • Sounds ones horn is quite polite and all the beep/toot/pap/honk/bip/hoot ing sounds childlike.

    Needs something more aggressive - say BLAST ?

  • I use my hair clippers to trim my eyebrows. Just made an error due to absentmindedness and failing eyesight. Usually I trim them down to grade 2, just now I didn’t realise I had put on the number 1 attachment.

    Perhaps I can get away with those fuzzy felt style marker pen eyebrows? I can then look like a character from a Charlie Chaplin movie.

  • Pic or it didn’t happen

  • Re-kindling the slipper discussion. My trusty tweed numbers have finally died. What's good in the world of slippers? Not too warm.

  • I've been rocking a pair of Mahabis for about a year now.
    Rubber soles make it handy for following the dog around the garden.
    I thought they were a bit spendy, and the rubber heel bit tore quite early, bur they refuse to die and still stay on my feet, even with a rip in the heel (possibly puppy related damage)

    Also, slippers thread >>>>>>

  • I wear a pair of Tom shoes around the house. Cheap, you can go outside and sole insulates feet well from cold floors.

    Not very pretty though.

  • Glerups here, relatively hard wearing and comfortable

  • Hot potatoes are banging slippers

  • There are tickets for this festival for sale in the classifieds:

    I have only heard of one of the acts.

  • Re-kindling the slipper discussion. My trusty tweed numbers have finally died. What's good in the world of slippers? Not too warm.

    These are my recommendation.

  • Mike Skinner

    Was he the one in The Teardrop Explodes ?

  • Went to Mildred's this weekend - they've got a new menu with a stupidly tiny font, and hand it to you telling you you're best off looking at the menu on your phone. 3 of us were passing round my mate's reading glasses to decide our order.

    I consider this a micro-aggression of the most egregious kind.

  • Original Pirate Material came out 20 years ago

  • Shy FX was way before that. Pft, you bunch of kids.

  • I knew of 3, 2 mentioned plus Andy C fwiw.

    Also, found it hard to read. Defo fit in here.

  • Routine has always been a challenge for me insomuch as I would usually forget something mundane and commonplace each day - say, underarm deodorant, tooth clean, wallet - that would send me dashing back up the stairs, into the house or worse still; turning the bike round and pedalling unnecessary extra hundreds of metres.
    Middle age, however, turns this safety match flicker of a habit into a Hindenburg blaze.
    The worst example of this is packing the car with bikes and gear for an off-road day in the hills. I WILL forget and make individual return trips for at least four of the following:
    Water bottle
    Tool kit
    Tubes (always have one on the bike but often it’s a dead one from a previous incident)
    If this list wasn’t extensive enough I recently added a jet wash to the indispensable must-have toys.
    If I wasn’t so absent minded I would have realised before I hit the ‘buy it now’ key the I would never remember to take the effing thing.

  • Checklists
    Checklists for everything
    Printed and kept inside kitbags

    I even have them for work, I keep one on the shelf by my gloves for cycling in and one with my helmet for motorcycling in. They include things like whether I need to shower before getting dressed.

    The latter is a problem when I’m stood outside in jacket and gloves wondering what I’ve forgotten and why I feel a bit whiffy.

  • Hernias - I assume there'll be some experience in here. Have an op booked in for Sat - open, not keyhole. How long roughly till back on the bike for gentle commuting? Is there much post-op pain etc?

    In full middle-aged action, I did it lifting a tent into a roof box.

  • Hopefully not too much pain until Saturday?
    Then heal up strong.

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The middle aged thread

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