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  • I like my shorts in the style of a 80s Australian labourer a la Doug Willis, short enough to be a little bit disturbing

  • My father in law insisted on being called gramps. My eldest called him grumps for at least 6 months when she was a toddler. It was apt.

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  • Yup, they're the best... The sizing went a bit weird when they moved production but still love them...

  • Balloons and Ket.

  • Have given myself a hernia putting camping equipment into the roofbox. Middle age struggle is real.
    Dr just laughed when I asked what the NHS op waiting time would be.

  • Dr just laughed when I asked what the NHS op waiting time would be.

    That’s really unprofessional, sorry you went through that.

    I know a guy who can fix you right up. I can give you his mobile number for August if you want.

  • No - it was fine - more a knowing laugh at what a nightmare it is for non-urgent ops post covid/tory cuts.
    Thanks for the offer - have got a name from the guy who did my brother's so should be OK.

  • Ah, I was joking, guess I didn’t make my alleged contact sound dodgy enough.

    Heal soon.

  • Fail on my joke appreciation part then!

  • Went out to the theatre this evening with my wife.

    Drink in the bar before.

    Entered the auditorium.

    Thought it strange to see a stage full of instruments given we were seeing a talk.

    Then saw a huge poster/backdrop advertising a night of music, and thought - That's odd.

    Made our ways to our seats to find other people in them.

    Other people leave their seats and join us to sort out the seating issue with staff.

    Staff then kindly pointed out to me that I was a day early for the show I wanted to see.

    I apologise profusely and go home.

  • I'm sure that was an amusing side show to the main event tonight. :)

  • It was equally very embarrassing and very funny at the same time. 😂

  • It's happened to me, long before middle age, but then I've always been a bit middle-aged.

  • Also, clearly whoever 'checked' your tickets wasn't paying attention properly.

  • I watched Moneyball and there's a cute song on it by a girl called Lenka. Looked it up on youtube and all the comments are

    "OMG this takes me way back!"

    "I was young, carefree, innocent"

    "Holy cow this is pure nostalgia from a purer, lovelier time!"

    They're talking about 2012.

  • Their scan machine just kept saying -Warning and they waved us through

  • Off to a gig tonight, my mate's new band is on at 9.15 then he's playing drums in the headlining act at 10pm... I am going to be fucking cactus tomorrow, I just can't do 'late' nights anymore...

    It's not even late, I'll probably be home before midnight!

  • Ears are still ringing and I'm bloody knackered this morning... Caught up with a few folks I haven't seen since the before the pandemic started, one mate almost died of cancer, chemo has been very successful but he very nearly didn't make it... He and his partner were dancing like teenagers, beautiful to watch... I had no idea and hated being so out of the loop...

    Really glad I went out, gonna make more of an effort in future... Robodebt were fantastic (Nicko pictured) and the Boondall Boys were a juggernaut, as always...

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  • Yup, I went to my first proper gig in 20 months on Thursday evening, Scalping at a wee venue in Peckham. It was pretty full, loud and sweaty, and excellent fun. Wobbled my way home on the train and rolled in at about half midnight. Was up at 6.15am and made it through the day and was in bed by 9.30pm. I’m 59 next month. Gah.

  • I have recently taken to buying clothes from M&S. Not underwear, actual clothes.

    Is there a help group I can ‘reach out’ to?

  • After M&S I popped into Boots and scored some Brylcream and some Old Spice.

    Feeling better now.

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The middle aged thread

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