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  • Had my jab a couple of weeks back...a bit weird cos everyone else getting the shot was either 9000 years old or 30 stone. No side effects.

  • everyone else getting the shot was either 9000 years old or 30 stone

    I take it you're both? :)

  • a bag of coke

    Problem solved. Sort of.

  • Also, handle-bar-man-bag is a thing?
    (Asked the 54 year old.)

  • Well you know I did expect considerably more piss taking from the club runners but on the whole it was just shrugged off. Some of the guys I ride audaxes with have vastly more outlandish bike-appendages filled with who knows what so I’m pretty sure I’m quite far under the radar!

  • Time for the '80 miles? You only doing the one loop then?'
    meaningful glinty-eyed look into the distance while holding an OS map of the county
    Also, Audax embroidered badges sewn on ;)

  • I just put up a hook in the porch in preparation for the arrival of my long shoehorn. No more bending down for me.

  • I was given a long shoehorn from Trumpers, it’s a wonderful thing and hangs in the boot/cloak room.

  • Yesterday I bought two packs of batteries because I was worried the box where we keep spare batteries was looking low.

  • I use the IKEA long shoehorn, they do break every so often but I have some high hanger rails outside and the neck of the shoehorn doubles as a hanger lifter upper device. They’re also cheap enough to have loads scattered around so you don’t have to remember where you left it.

  • I didn't update on the post-jab experience, felt fine on the day but shite for the whole of the next, didn't die.

    I listened to one of the top virologists from the US on R4, he had a lot of useful insights. His advice on dealing with side effects was 'whine continously for 2 days'.

  • Was his advice "whine" or "wine"?

  • I’m at a cold windy Cyclopark in Gravesend for my 16 year olds first race.
    There is a procession going in of eager teenagers (riding some serious bikes) followed at 6 paces by a broken and bankrupt father carrying a set of rollers, a track pump and a wheel bag each.

  • I’ve been reading reviews of clothes pegs for over an hour. Any recommendations ?

  • Just get some from Tesco.

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  • You’re overthinking this purchase.

  • I’m erring towards Lakeland .. I’m basically about a month away from buying a reading lamp out of the back of the daily mail.

  • I am a total Hegs convert...

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  • Yes to the Lakeland purchase, no to the lamp from the Daily Nazi, gotta be Anglepoise, think of it as an investment, something to pass on when you're gone, it's how I justify middle aged purchases.

  • You're all doing pegging wrong

  • I am a sad lazy git that gets my clothes pegs at Spar.

    Takeaway so far is that old wooden ones actually grip better than the plastic well made ones at Spar.

    When holding clothing, the plastic ones get blown off the outline line in windy conditions faster.

    I need one of those little things with a hanging hook and lots of fixed pegs for socks.

  • I need one of those little things with a hanging hook and lots of fixed pegs for socks.

    This sort of thing ?

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  • Not plastic ones.

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The middle aged thread

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