The middle aged thread

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  • Leather mules

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  • could give you a twirl from the window if you’ve got binoculars


  • Arket

    I like their sweatshirts, I have three I pretty much live in

  • Arf, I’m tempted to get mine out and see whether I can peer through his french windows


  • I may have reached middle age. I utterly failed to flip from selfie to forward-facing camera on my phone, pressed the wrong bit of the screen, and now have a 2-second video of me (from a horribly unflattering, low angle) angrily muttering "Argh my phone... I hate my phone."

  • Bin Cardigan you say?

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  • Thinking more:-

  • I don't know how disappointed to be right now with leather slippers, cords, jardigans, slankets, and so on.

  • Don't forget the cord shackets. Got one of them. And a moleskin one.

  • I have a couple of Pendleton cardigans, including the infamous westerley one. It’s awesome.

  • Middle aged bingo.. I have three arket sweatshirts I also live in. I have a ghastly woollen Energie brown cardigan with tongues and explosions embroidered on... I have a wool shacket...

    No mention for Birkenstock Amsterdams or wool/cashmere hooded tops?

    Edit for a vast collection of novelty socks

  • Imitation Crocs are my around-the-house-footwear choice. I even go shopping in them - with socks in the winter, obviously. And there is another pair by the back door for those occasional forays to the shed, bins or just to have a wander round the weed patch and flatten a hidden cat turd, now and again.

  • I've got four pairs of Crocs in the house at the moment. Genuine ones, but they were 50% off in the sale. One pair by front door for putting things in the bins etc, one pair by the back door, one as work shoes in the ensuite bathroom I'm rebuilding, and one pair in the machine shop where the presence of metal swarf makes bare feet ill-advisable.

  • I will never be old enough to wear crocs, play golf, or play golf in crocs.

  • wool shacket


  • Yeah, yeah but I’ve got, like, looooads of pairs of them in the cupboard for when these wear out. Like, probably 150 or more, all different colours and some hand-made. My sis, she like calls me Imelda Marcrocs, yeah?
    So there.

  • Once you croc.... best lockdown purchase of last year.

  • 150 pairs? Holy fuck. And I thought I was Imelda-ish with my cycling shoes.

  • Ugly green briars gardening crocs - did the school run in them a lot last term - I am 36.

  • The Bez workout video starts tomorrow.

    I am excite.

  • A rubber broom, Such a great bit of kit for cleaning rugs, carpets.

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  • I need new slippers

    There I said it

  • Did we get away with it?

    This so reminds me of life before middle age, before kids, before becoming overweight, before receding hairline, before painful knees

  • It's the circle of life, from threads on gear ratios for skid patch optimisation to "what hair transplant clinic?".

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The middle aged thread

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