What riding have you done today?

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  • Thought this might be interesting, rough distances, any near misses, bad driver stories etc?

  • hi 12mile (long way round) commute to work only problem part of harrowgate lane near hardwick closed off will do 4mile commute home this evening .what type of fixies do you guys ride? and what do you use your fixie for?.i ride a old peugeot with front brake, 52:16,i use for general fitness and to improve my average speed but most of all because i love the fixie

  • Today i've rode to college and back, from Stockton to the top of marsh house in billingham, not sure exactly how far it is, but it doesnt take very long.
    I ride an old 531 road frame, forgotten the name of the frame builder now as I stripped and resprayed it about 9 months ago.
    I run 42:16 and a front brake, thinking of increasing the gear slightly but im quite happy with it so not to sure.
    I use my bike getting to work college and for general riding with a couple of mates.

  • Just college and back today, pretty chilled ride here with a ridiculas tail wind, not looking forward to the ride back.

  • I've been out the past couple of nights, just a short ride and nothing too strenuous. The wind is a killer and deep v rims make it interesting, especially on bends and emerging from behind hedge rows.

    Might have a blast out again tonight now the wind has died.

  • good plan, i rode down to the gym and back after college, watched my little brother clothes-line himself off his bike via a barrier as well. interesting to say the least, he's alright thankfully.

  • Rode down the cycle path from the Tees Barrage today, followed it to the very end, where it becomes gravel, kept going and ended up deep inside whats left of industrial looking middlesbrough, eventually ended up at the riverside stadium/ middlesbrough college, good ride out for me and Sam ( who i must keep badgering to get on here)

  • Got back from uni and set up my bike with its fixed whhels! had a little ride around but im planning on going tomorrow for a lengthy ride.

  • hi first time commute on fixie for a week or so, due to wet/ice/winds but so good to be back on fixie .normally ride mtb when weather is ice/snow

  • Today I did my usual fixed wheel sprint through town, up the big hill, around the meadows then back into town to my desk commute, I dodged a million busses, two cop cars, some pretty girls and a crepe stand.

  • Rain has stopped play today, stuck on buses all day-.-

  • Happy to be back to riding to college again, no more college bus fingers crossed!

  • Frost and working long hours has meant not many miles.

    Learning to ride backwards and backwards circles for the crack.

    I'll be out and about Tuesday and will post up here.

  • Learned one footed no hands trackstands yesterday, pretty pleased, going to try and re learn backwards circles monday morning

  • Well that hurt, fucking taxi drivers and their blindness.

  • I've been riding to work and back each day on my old fixed. Not far at all, maybe a mile there. Gets plenty of attention outside the shop.

    Got a little route going on a night. 6-10 miles depending on where I decide to turn. Not a great distance but helps to de-stress after work!

  • sounds good dean, went for a ride with my little brother and dad tonight, they both had carbon scott's and I was out on my knackered fixed, fun though and much easier than i thought, happy with this summery weather.

  • Is everyone dead?

  • Must be Dean, bike tag died a death pretty swiftly, I've been riding my bike constantly but hadnt updated anything since i posted that photo in the bike tag.
    So I'm as guilty of forum neglect as the next man, think we need to kick start the forum usage again so with that in mind!
    I rode the 55 miles home from my girlfriends house in knaresborough on my fixed the other day, 2 hours 40, average speed of over 20mph, really pleased considering the little amount of serious training i've done.

  • Yeah, I admit that is partly my fault as I've been working quite a bit an the weather has not really helped much! I do plan on getting that tag asap and getting a new one up - think Ryan is still up for it?
    I bet that was a nice little ride, especially on the fixed, good stuff!

    I ride to work wind, rain or shine now. It's only a mile, if that, so I have no excuse not to, lol, got an ass saver too incase we get the odd downpour. Also bought some new tyres for my other fixed, just need an inner tube for the back, as I got sold a
    23c instead of a 32c - I should've checked really.

  • What's your verdict on the ass savers then? I'd had a look but wasn't that convinced, also how much did it cost?
    Been over to watch the circuit racing at croft tonight, the lad who won (Craig Anderson) pulled a really decent sprint out of the bag at the end, good nights entertainment!
    2 weeks and i'll be back in the mix I think, -Ryan you should have a should have a pop down, brought my fitness on so much, super intense 30 miles ish, no training like racing!

  • I like them. Cheap, simple and effective. I paid £5 from Ty who runs The Foot Down, as he had a spare one from Bespoked. I don't think they're much dearer to order from the ass savers site.

    I wouldn't mind going to see the races at croft, as they look good for local events and I wouldn't mind shooting them for more pictures. Might be able to badger some people I know to get them published with a write up. When's the next few?

  • Sounds great would be sweet to see some high quality photos of the racing, they run every tuesday evening, kids race kicks off between half six and quarter to seven and is about 20-25 minutes long, adults race starts about five minutes after the kids finish.

  • first race back tomorrow night hopefully, wish me luck!

  • How'd the race go? I'm gonna have to find a way to get to these whilst my dad is away working!

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What riding have you done today?

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