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  • Interested in the cosmic but I'm not around until the weekend if it's still around I'll take it off your hands

  • Yeah - 100%

    I just got another cosmic rim and want to make a new pair of wheels

    I'll give you a call towards the weekend

  • I'll take the 5050's. PM'd.

  • **Crank Bros Pedals SOLD

    Cheers for the pedals, they're great. And nice to finally meet you, hehe!

  • dibs chainring

  • will you post the pro vibe stem??

  • Dibs 5 & 13

  • Dibs no. 12 Deda Bars if willing to post. PM coming.

  • HI Are the Mavic wheels still available. I had my back wheel stole last week and this would be a perfect new pair for my bike. I am in Stoke Newington climbing at the castle tonight can I come and get them?

  • Sorry the Red Mavics

  • PM'd RE: Mavic Cosmic & Shimano Pedals

  • Could take the mudguard off you.

  • Dibs rear wheel if still available!

  • woops it's been overdibbed to the max, but there's a glimmer of hope :)
    Great prices

  • Could I get the carbon bars, N16 tomorrow afternoon or most evenings?


For Sale: Mavic Fixed Wheels/ Thomson/ Cosmic/ EAI/ PRO Vibe/ Condor/ Easton/ Aspide Titanium

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