Electronic & Hydraulic Shifting (Di2, Ui2, customisations)

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  • 3D print a bar-end plug that has a switch glued into it, spliced into the Di2 cable that goes to the left shifter. This way I can disconnect the left shifter without much hassle when I get back from my rides.

    and remember after every ride to turn it off. And turn it on again at the beginning of every ride. For me, at least, the former would be the hard bit of the plan.

  • Thats the neat part, its right there at the end of the handlebar, just click the button and its on. Can be done on the go. Battery drains dead in 3 days, and its not the one bike I always use so itd be hard to keep track of always making sure its charged before I ride. Id much rather reduce it by remembering /most of the times/ to disconnect the left shifter with the bar-end button.

    I also hate binning otherwise fully functional stuff, and spending money on replacing them. Hack/bodge is the way for me :)

  • It's a shame you can't program the top button to shift the front derailleur in both directions because then you could just use the right shifter for everything

  • Use synchro shift mode 2 and you can do that.

  • Hmm thats right, in full syncro mode I could get away with using just the right shifter. Thats what I did on my TT bike. I quite like to just drop it to small ring approaching traffic lights, but I'll consider doing this!

  • You missed option 3, which is

    Pull the motherfucker apart and let us know what's causing the issue. Mwuahahaha let's see its guts!


  • Have noticed and issue with my EWU111.
    When I try to connect my phone Bluetooth I get a connection interrupted message. I’ve used the same phone on a different bike and it’s fine. I’ve also swapped wireless units and the problem moves with the unit.
    The EWU111 will connect perfectly to my garmin.
    Any ideas as to how I can get to the bottom of the problem? I can’t even see if the firmware is up to date.

    FIX - delete all entries for EWU111 in Bluetooth settings (iOS) the connection works fine.

  • I’m trying to piece together a Campagnolo Super Record 11 speed EPS groupset, does anyone have a spare V3 interface unit, charger and possibly even shifters they’re looking to move on? Or even just a pointer for where to pick up a V3 interface unit as they seem to have sold out everywhere online.

  • I think my battery has died.
    Ultegra R8070
    Last few rides, shifting has been intermittent. Pressing the button several times eventually gets one shift and then finally the other day nothing, completely dead. No lights on the junction box, charger doesn't light up when plugged in.
    Swapped the battery wire, no change. All connections are checked and solid.
    Anyone had the same? The battery has 2015 written on it so I guess not bad going but a bit annoying as I've only had it a year myself and they aren't cheap

  • Get some 14430 lithium batteries and have at it yourself? Or go fully custom with bigger capacity batteries like 18650?

    Edit:always buy batteries with soldertags so soldering is actually possible.

  • I'd plug it into a computer first, run diagnostics on it, in case it's something else.

  • It's getting the bike all the way into work where the diagnostics and windows PC are that is the challenge. I'll take the battery in tomorrow and plug that in directly to see if anything comes up from that

  • I don't have the time to be messing about with that sort of stuff 😂

  • If only there was a forum that discussed singlespeeds...

  • I was planning a conversion to 18650s at some point for giggles and easier charging. I'm hesitant to fuck up my operational battery though

  • I've got one I'm not using. Will check year tomorrow, let me know if you're interested

  • Anybody looking for a spare RD, this 6870 seems to be a good deal for £80 from what Ive seen around ebay a few months ago.

  • Well I plugged my battery into the diagnostics. Apparently no errors and it has a full charge.
    I guess it could be the junction box then? I really can't be arsed taking the bike all the way to work with no working gears

  • Burn it. New bike time.

  • My money is on the cable
    Or maybe it got disconnected from the junction somehow

  • Probably is, also when the last time you run a diagnostic? was all the components updated to work with each other? No extra new components on an old groupset?

  • Full firmware update 2 weeks ago and all working after that

  • I checked the connections and swapped the FD cable for the battery one. No dice

  • Just plug the battery in any of the other cables of the parts you can actually see on etube. Found it now? Then it's the cable.
    Or it could be something with the firmware. Actualize everything, even if you have to do the battery individually

  • The problem is diagnosing this without etube.
    Bike is at home, etube is at work. Mac household. CBA virtual machine just for this. Going to dig out a spare junction from the workshop and try to swap that in. If that doesn't work I'll just have to suck it up and ride the bike in single speed

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Electronic & Hydraulic Shifting (Di2, Ui2, customisations)

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