Electronic & Hydraulic Shifting (Di2, Ui2, customisations)

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  • I’ve been down this road before.

    It depends on what AXS calipers you are running?

    There are two versions of the red axs calipers. The originals used a hose with a banjo that’s the same hose used on my sram code brakes (I’ll get you the part number in a minute).

    They then made a running change to the Red calipers. They changed the flat mounts from a one piece caliper to a two piece caliper that is basically the same design as the force axs caliper.
    With this it changed the hose from the banjo type to the same as the force caliper. I’ll get the part number for this too.

    The original banjo hose is expensive as fuck compared to the new hose so it’s a welcome change.

  • hose kit for Red axs mono block caliper(banjo bolt) - part number 00.5016.168.170 link

    hose kit for two piece red axs caliper - part number 00.5018.128.000 link

    I realise now that its not actually that much cheaper.

    The post mount Red axs caliper remains unchanged and uses the banjo bolt hose.

  • Cheers I'm running Rival AXS shifters and calipers...picked them up second hand but the hoses are too short.

  • Rival AXS also uses the 00.5018.128.000 hose


    Basically all the flat mount AXS calipers are now two piece designs and use the same hose across the board

  • Its worth pointing out that you dont have to buy these relatively expensive sram hose kits.

    It would be cheaper to buy these and then just buy some lengths of cheap hose.

    Previously with the banjo type hose you were forced to buy the sram hose kit but with your calipers you just need the fittings and a length of hose

    Sram hose dimensions - ID: 2.1mm OD: 5mm which is the same as shimano bh90 hose

  • Fab thanks for clearing it up

    So this and this will do the trick for £13

  • Ta I get my Bh90 hoses from ebay for £6.49 so will grab that and the parts you liked on Wiggle, Ta.

  • Ah I hadn’t seen your post. Those eBay ones look a bit more preferable than the random brand name Amazon ones.

  • Yeah I ordered some last year and they're great for the money, work just as well as the official shimano ones.

  • I just assumed hydraulic hose was something one wouldn't trust to a generic brand - although I do use Lifeline brake cable...

  • Yeah I mean I’m sure there are some duff dodgy ones. Checking the reviews on amazon/aliX tends to show up the shanners.
    The Amazon ones I linked had no issues at all and similar ones I bought from AliExpress are absolutely fine.

    I say this as someone who used to pay the extortionate price per meter for Shimano hoses from my local bike shop. But there’s no discernible difference in them to me.

    I’m forced to buy the expensive sram banjo hose currently as it’s the only one compatible with my brakes.
    But I wouldn’t buy anything other than the cheap eBay/Amazon/aliX for brakes that don’t need a proprietary banjo etc

  • Have you used the Bh90 with the AXS calipers or with other Sram brakes? I can't find anything online which suggests they work together but happy to take your word as its a much cheaper option.

  • Yeah I used cheap hoses with sram level mtb brakes.
    No problem using them with axs calipers at all

  • Using BH90, a system designed around mineral oil with a DOT system?
    Coming from an automotive background, that’s…brave. I really wouldn’t recommend it.

  • These cheap eBay/amazon ones aren’t really Shimano bh90, just the same dimensions.

    Nothing in the hose it’s self isn’t compatible with dot fluid as far as I know.

  • I don't have one to hand, so was wondering if someone could tell me the diamter of the EW-JC200 di2 connector. Trying to drill a hole in the S&S coupler plate on my travel bike to fit it into the frame.

  • Have just tried to install a di2 derailleur, but it won't enter micro-adjustment mode. Shifts full 11 gears, but just flashes red when pressing buttons in adjustment. I have an identical derailleur from another bike which I've tested the whole system with and no issues there.

    Have checked b-screw and limit screws. Am I missing something obvious or is it damaged? Was bought 2nd hand for parts as clutch needed work, looks like it may have been crashed. Any ideas?

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Electronic & Hydraulic Shifting (Di2, Ui2, customisations)

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