Electronic & Hydraulic Shifting (Di2, Ui2, customisations)

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  • Oooh I could electronicify the old Tarmac :) #lockdownproject

  • these 6870 shifters are ace

  • Haha. It's tempting, but I hate spending money on old shit. I'd rather ship it off somewhere, as is and then buy a Venge or something.

  • Brakes were making noise and so decided to give them an overhaul. Got the bleed kit going, filled and connected the syringe, got the funnel, then rounded the hex hole on the screw on the levers. Go to put the pads in; they're XT pads so have to bin dive to get them back.

    How do I get the screw out now? Tap in a torx?

  • Yeah mate I've been there. Thanks Shimano for making these screws out of plastic, what could go wrong there?!

    Tap in a torx, and get yourself a new screw from SJS. And just tighten the replacement screw very lightly - 1nm is plenty.

  • I was warned about it and thought I'd done it up quite loosely. Guess not. Just looking at SJS actually; but 10 quid shipping on a 3 quid part (am not in the UK) feels like a kick in the nuts. On the other hand, the LBS will charge me a tenner for one no doubt so perhaps I should just suck it up and pay and view it as idiot tax.

  • I think I updated to latest firmware on. my R8070, has shimano enabled synchro shift by default now?

  • Double click the Junction A button to find out. It should cycle through 1, 2 or 3 flashes of both lights depending on mode.

    (though it needs configuring with cassette sizes etc, so I'm not sure they can enable it by default)

  • oh .. yeah I think I clicked that button a bit .. what are other 2 modes?

  • One is manual, the other two are configurable in the app for whatever two presets e.g. two different cassettes, or full synchro (rear buttons shift front) vs semi-synchro (front buttons shift rear).

    One long flash = manual.

  • Semi syncro will shift sprockets (up to four) when you change chainring. Full syncro will automatically change chainring as you move up and down the cassette.

  • The default mode (ie. out of the box) on my newer stuff is that it doesn't let you cross-chain small chainring to the smallest two cogs. So if you're in your two highest gears and dump the chain onto the little ring it will move to your third highest cog.

  • I can’t get my internal battery to fully charge. Garmin shows 80% Di2 battery charge. Yet when I plug the charger in the light stays in for a few seconds then goes off. I’ve tried 4 different usb sockets including an iPhone, SRAM etap and a no-badge.
    Any ideas!

  • try charging on computer

  • Or changing the USB cable. I found there's a combination of cable and charger which just doesn't work either for charging or configuration. If you have an external power bank I'd also give that a go.

  • Why would you believe Garmin over the Di2 charger?

  • +1

    Shimano recommend this for some reason

    I also use an external battery pack with no issues, it's a lot more convenient than plugging your bike into a wall/laptop

  • It’s a good point. I rechecked the led and 2 seconds green = 100% which is what is shows. I was confused by the flashing green and red after but this is not charge related.

  • Noticed my left hood was a bit loose so pulled the rubber back and tightened it up. Since then my left switch on the aero bars controlling the front derailleur doesn't seem to work. I can't see anything obvious where something has come loose. Anything I should be looking out for?

  • Sounds like you pulled the etube plug from the aerobar switch out of the port socket on the brake lever body. It doesn't have to be fully out to disconnect.

  • Is the top or bottom one do you know? Presume I need that little plastic thing to get it back in?

    Edit - Ignore me, went straight back in and now working, cheers

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  • Has anyone tried using other cables for di2? Got a frame that I don’t want to modify and need to slim down the rear mech cable as much as I can to get it through the breather hole in the breezer dropout - what cables can I get on amazon that’ll do the trick?
    Cheers in advance,

  • That's an etube cable so I guess pretty much anything... Thou you'll need to solder on the connectors...

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  • Any decent 2 core cable.

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Electronic & Hydraulic Shifting (Di2, Ui2, customisations)

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