Electronic & Hydraulic Shifting (Di2, Ui2, customisations)

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  • Could I please get a close up of that routing?
    From each side if possible?

    It is even worst for my Lynskey Helix Pro as the rear brake hydro cable is externally routed...
    Should have gone eTap (don't actually know if there are less etubes...)

  • Not immediately, as I'm in the UK and the bike is in Switzerland, but I'll try to remember to take some photos at the weekend.

    Oh, and my other top tip is to make sure you're not using a 30mm crank spindle. If you are there's not enough space in the BB shell for the Di2 cable. That's why I ended up buying an Aldhus 24mm crankset and P2M power meter when I had a perfectly good Rotor 3D+ one I'd been planning on using.

  • Another day of riding eTap, some fiddling last night made it a bit better, I think there’s no question that Shimano is better overall but the convenience of no wires is a big plus.

  • Reassuringly expensive to upgrade to ASX is it not? New cassette driver for my Chris King hubs makes it quite interesting all round. I think I’ll stick with old-hat 11 speed.

  • When I saw the space in the BB cluster as well as the size & angle of the inner holes for the DT and rear stay, I thought it looked tight even with a standard 24mm crankset axle + BB protection sleeve...
    I have a DA R9100 cranket so that should work just fine, need remember to route everything then install the cranks.

  • Could I please get a close up of that routing?
    From each side if possible?

    Those show the routing. Di2 cables attach to brake hoses with heatshrink, all going to and from a 3 port Junction A box on a Fourier mount.

  • Thanks @danstuff - that's the only routing I could think of.

    Remove the headtube cable guides, get a 6mm Di2 grommet and run the cable through that hole then around the fork steerer and through the downtube.

    The routing isn't the smoothest but you've done a great job with the heatshrink so I will use that idea to keep things tidier.

    I have ordered a K-Edge junction box holder/spacer.

    EDIT: My rear brake cable routing is also external. I am now remembering that I need to purchase hydro cable clamps...

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Electronic & Hydraulic Shifting (Di2, Ui2, customisations)

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