Electronic & Hydraulic Shifting (Di2, Ui2, customisations)

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  • I've got a bar-end junction on my other bike. Other than under the stem, are there any other options to make the bike look tidy but still have things accessible?

  • I plugged back in the Di2 wireless unit this week. Went to ride the morning and only 20% battery charge. It was fully charged last weekend. Managed to get half the ride in with full shifting. Second half only rear change working. Luckily I was in the small ring at the time.
    Is this a known issue with the units? Is there something that can be done so I don’t have to charge every week?

  • Unless you’re doing several thousand km a week it shouldn’t need charging that frequently. Either knackered battery, a short somewhere or you left something pressed against a lever.

  • I emptied the battery on mine by using the phone app and not hitting the disconnect button before I put the bike away. It seems to stay powered up burning the battery if you don't.

  • I was under the impression that the wireless D-Fly thingies were a battery drain.

  • As @grams said it may be the case If you don’t disconnect. Ive never done that tho. Leaving it leaning against a post with the shift button pressed in, yes.

  • Everything is new except the battery and the Wi-fi unit. Without the Wi-fi unit the battery life is ‘normal’. I’ve now got an app to see if the unit is broadcasting so can check that it is disconnected and not broadcasting. This week I have not leant the bike against anything. It hangs from the saddle nose from the rafters in the garage so there is no pressure on the bars or leavers at all.
    Just showing 100% charged on my garmin so will check in the morning

  • no pressure on the bars or leavers

    Isn't it usually a leaver propping up the bar?

  • let me sell you a matching crankset my friend

  • I have some matching brakes too if you'd like them

  • I was under the impression that the wireless D-Fly thingies were a battery drain.

    They'll use some power in use, as there's no such thing as a free lunch, but shouldn't when the system goes to sleep. I've got them on a couple of bikes, and they still only need charging once every few months.

  • I'm planning to get the 1x12 setup because that allow me to use 3rd party chain and cassette (standard Eagle stuff) than to stick with the AXS stuff.

  • Hah. Upgrade. Got brakes and crankset (@TooTallTim) already

  • Thanks. As soon as I remember where I got it from I’ll warranty it.

  • Had an idea and wondered if anyone has done/seen similar - I want to mount my di2 battery in the fork steerer and use it as a cache battery to power a phone/GPS while riding, as well as shift gears... I also hope I can charge it on the go with a dynamo front wheel... and it would be cool to power a front and rear light as well...
    that sound doable?
    Cheers in advance!

  • It sounds doable but I'd rather use a separate battery than Di2 for Garmin charging. At least you'd know where you are when your gears run out of juice :)

  • But imagine the excitement when both of them die at once out of range of a phone mast.

  • The Di2 battery is tiny (in mAh) so useless for any serious lights, and there's scarcely any benefit of charging it continuously, since it only needs topping up every couple of months, and you can do that off the dynamo without hard wiring if you really need to.

    I could kind of understand having a centralised larger battery to run all electronics off, but I wouldn't want my gears to be dependent on janky homemade electronics, so that's where my enthusiasm for the idea runs out.

  • anyone got a EW-WU111 they don't need / want to shift?

  • I’ve got one I think is draining my battery 😂

  • if you want rid...

  • Same here. I thought about having integrated Di2 charging on my ultra cycling bike, but couldn't really make out a good case for it in the end other than pure NAHBS wank factor.

  • Wiggle are going to warranty replace so will keep it soz... that, and you wouldn’t want something suspected as broke.

  • Don't suppose anyone has a spare left hand 6870 nameplate? The shifters I got have been crashed/dropped and the damage is mostly this and paying 10 quid shipping on a 3 quid item feels stupid.

  • So... that's a no ;)

    Next question, I've got a Y-cable where I think there's 3-4cm too much cable. I could sell it (it's from an old build) but it's just a faff. Is there any issue with doing a small loop under the bar tape near the hoods?

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Electronic & Hydraulic Shifting (Di2, Ui2, customisations)

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