Electronic & Hydraulic Shifting (Di2, Ui2, customisations)

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  • My retailer just said to send it straight back when I described issue.

  • How does this happen half-way though a ride?!

    I have heard people have this problem and I would be interested to know how it's presenting itself.

  • I figured he means the stops shifting halfway through like mine.
    Not battery tab related

  • makes sense.

    Personally I can't see a situation where the snapping tab isn't 100% user error

  • Yeah I can't imagine how a tab could snap and it be a warranty issue.

    What exactly happens with this problem of shifting not working half way through a ride? What stops working? Mech or shifters? Both?
    What exactly is it that stops working? Are they simply swapped out under warranty?

    I have etap and haven't ran into any of these issues. Yet. Its a bit worrying...

  • The first one I had snap that was definitely user error. Since then the snaps are all on the rear. The latest snapped when riding over some rough road. It did not break entirely, just enough to create a gap between the connectors.
    I have heard others have a similar issue and put it down to the mounting being metal on the rear and plastic on the front (which is more flexible).

  • My rear mech stops shifting. Usually when in a low gear. It sometimes stores the shifts and rapidly goes through them a few minutes later but not always.

    The tab seems more solid than the latch to me. I’ve ridden over some horrific stuff in the last month and descents at speed with no tab issues.
    Is their age an issue?

  • When the rear stops can you still shift the front. It’s my standard test to rule out the lever switch failing.

  • I had to swap out a rear derailleur that stopped shifting early in my eTap riding. SRAM sent me a new one next day. Just stopped moving, despite the LED suggesting it was registering shifts from the shifters

  • I've had warranty replacements on two etap rear derailleurs and one front. Not impressed.

  • What was it Mollema was saying?

  • I had my own more explicit version having just smashed it up Col du Télégraphe to make my hotel check-in, I couldn't shift down so had to coast in to Valloire.

  • See also F Alonso's "GP2 engine" team radio rants. That ended "well", but with only 2 race drivers per team and team radio being available for the race coverage producers to broadcast, I don't expect Mollema's rant to result in the team switching drivetrains this winter.

  • "ahhhhhh fucking sram"

  • My Wifli rear mech has been replaced under warranty :o)

  • SRAM are very good with warranty replacements and recall programs. Trouble is, I suspect they're good at it due to all the practice they've had over the years.

  • Perhaps. When Shimano go wireless I'll give it a go.

    On a slightly separate note, I did wonder if there might be a chip in it that would record failed shifts?

  • You think they will ever go down the wireless route? I suspect it's like 30mm crank axles.. I only hope the do go down the 12 speed di2 route soon enough..

    Just get your di2 wires hidden in your frame, you'll never need to replace them like normal shifter cables.

  • get your di2 wires hidden in your frame, you'll never need to replace them

    But you might have to replace junction B - had to do that on father's two year old Di2 bike this year.

  • I’d guess they will. When is the bigger question.
    For me Di2 still leaves too many issues in comparison.

  • What happened to it? I've not had issues yet but that could be a major drama on the road.

    Where was it mounted? Was it allowed to rattle or get wet?

  • You think they will ever go down the wireless route?

    If they do I hope it doesn't compromise durability and performance just for the "look we do it too" factor.

  • Has anyone had any experience with replacing single components in an eTap groupset? I'm getting an insurance replacement for the right shifter but can't seem to find any info on the procedure for swapping a part out.

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Electronic & Hydraulic Shifting (Di2, Ui2, customisations)

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