A float on Miracle - 20ft narrowboat

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  • it`s immense, and it nearly kills me hand starting it!

  • bbc four right now - golden age of canals

  • P.s. I miss the regular boat-life stories, was always nice following this thread.

  • I'm leaving bricks and mortar behind to move onto the water next weekend. Much excite.

  • Nice. Roughly where abouts will that be? Will you be travelling about much too?

  • I've got a mooring in Limehouse, as my life is not conducive to continuous cruising, but aim to get out and about as much as possible. No point in owning a boat and staying put.

  • Do you mind sharing roughly how much a Limehouse mooring costs per year?

  • It's not cheap, £11k for a 70-footer. You pay based on length. When shopping around, it was £8-9 in places like Hoxton and Canada Water, £6 if you went out to Brentford. But Limehouse has all the City boy pied a terres, so expense is inevitable.

  • Sounds ideal. Enjoy!

  • PM'd you with a million questions about yr boat. Sorry


  • I'm considering moving my narrowboat down to London to rent or sell and possibly locating it on this mooring, would this be a desirable location? would it sell/rent? any help would be much appreciated...


  • Man, there is no way you can call that a narrowboat. Looks like it would make for very pleasant city living though. Miss my boat so much, especially this time of year.

  • We've only ever stayed on it for weekends a bit longer when I moved it from Goole to Ripon, not really practical since number four arrived. This is was us a few weeks ago out for a cruise on the River Ure

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  • Nice boat. Don’t know that area well, but decent connections. You’re paying less than for a Central Ldn mooring, but not loads less, though prices are rising. Once you have a mooring attached, your boat jumps in value (I paid considerably more for a bigger, but not as nice, boat because it had a prime mooring).

    Don’t know about rental - need to be careful, I know some moorings don’t allow it. Don’t think mine does, but it goes on under the radar. As long as you don’t piss off the neighbours, you should be ok.

  • you should be ok

    As long as your tenants don't sink your boat.

  • Just finished reading this thread, what a rollercoaster

  • Thanks for dredging this thread up. What a great read!

  • Great stuff this. I read it the other day, coincidentally just before I went on a family narrowboat trip. Not been on one since I was a kid. Great fun, most tranquil, also saw a hedgehog swimming which was truly astonishing.

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A float on Miracle - 20ft narrowboat

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