• Mine has arrived too, but it got wrapped and put under the christmas tree as a present to myself so it is safe from spillage for a few days.

  • Damn still waiting on mine poor colour choice on my behalf clearly!

  • Yours was sent I think Webof, not seen it?

  • Nope sadface when was it posted ?

  • Monday, first class. PMed.

  • Got mine thx M8 good job :D

  • I'm not really sure if I should have received the t-shirts by now.
    I ordered 2 navy size L with shipping to Denmark.
    One is for a christmas present, so I'm hoping to receive it before friday!

  • Received, worn, very nice many thanks!

  • Kvik, yours was sent one week ago I think. I can check later today when I have my folder in front of me.

  • any news on the greys?

  • @kvik ... ordered one navy as well and got it today (in Germany) ...

  • I've got nowt.

  • just tried on my shirt today ... fits and feels great!

    only thing is that the navy seems very dark and the design seems to be more cream than white ... quite a bit different to the pics on first page or is that just my eyes messing with me?

  • The navy is pretty much a standard navy. I don't think it's all that different in reality to the images shown on the first page.

    The print isn't white and was never supposed to be... it was always intended to be an off-white/cream/ecru colour, as per the description. Colour rendition on screen is a bitch, and the ink does appear slightly more cream in reality that it appears in my illustrations and photos.

  • I've got nowt.

    Kris, I only received the greys this morning and was waiting for them to then send out your order of a grey and a blue together. I sent you an PM to ask if this was ok, offering to send them out individually if you were desperate, did you not get that?

  • I said I can wait. You're asking me and that's why I presumed that you have sent them already.

  • Yours mistakenly arrived with mine Kris. Gave it to my Gran. She's very pleased with it, thanks a lot.

  • Kvik, yours was sent one week ago I think. I can check later today when I have my folder in front of me.

    I received them today, right in time!
    Thanks a lot, they look awesome.

  • Update:

    The greys arrived at my parents just before Christmas and i came home on Christmas.

    So, yesterday I sat down with the rest of the blues and greens to put together some orders, BUT was majorly fucked off to find that they've printed on the greys with white ink instead of navy. I'm certain it's their error (i even sent images of the colourways to be sure) but frustratingly I can't check the my correspondence with them until I get home this afternoon. Suffice to say they'll be reprinting them double-time when they reopen on January 4th

    My sincere apologies. I'll update as soon as I know what's happening. I suppose these are the pitfalls with this arrangement of preordering; the customer is lumbered with supplier-side delays. Next time I think I have to do these speculatively as this is a waste of everyones time.

    I believe they now have the ecru t-shirts and will getting on with them ASAP too.



  • I think you should finanother printers for the next run Josh! Just checked in to see what wa appending. Thanks for keeping us all in the know. Can't wit for my glut of tees!

  • ^^^^ iPad typos.

  • these are beautiful

    i did not want to spoil the xmas surprise for ms.rat but they are stunning in the flesh

  • indeed they are, really pleased with mine.

  • Very happy with my moss one, looking forward to the grey one when they sort it out!

  • Update:

    Printers have thankfully agreed to reprint the greys and they, along with the ecru, will be available for them to order from their supplier on the 6th of Jan. They have said that they'll have the whole Toolchest order complete and with me by Friday the 13th (hmm). Then I'll be able to get them all shipped out along with the remainder of the greens and blues.

    The printers have been very helpful actually, the hold-ups have been a result of a) lack of availability at the supplier's end and the supplier's poor communication with the printers, and b) the printer's fuck-up with the colour as outlined above, for which they have apologised.

    Patience appreciated, thanks.

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For Sale: 'Toolchest' T-shirts (orders by Wednesday 26th Oct please!)

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