Bikes and Places 2-Faces

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  • Other groups have these so ill post one for us Boro Guys.­5d1317668386-photo.jpg

    This is my bike.

    It is a 90's belgian steel TT frame branded with 'rider'. Ive been riding fixed for 3-4 years (brakless :S) most recently around the Acklam/Linthorpe/Town area but can be seen in Marton and around...

    Ill post my face when I dont look like a twat.

  • I spotted your bike chained up near the cleveland centre the other week..

    I ride round linthorpe/town on my Plug. Mostly just to work and back

    Seen a few people riding round on SS/Fixed Kona's and know a mate of mine in Linthorpe who rides fixed.

  • Nice frame, can't miss that colour!

    Hope you don't ride in those lovely white shoes in the bottom of the shot? lol

  • Nice bike! Seen it in Boro afew times. very nice.

  • Nice frame, can't miss that colour!

    Hope you don't ride in those lovely white shoes in the bottom of the shot? lol

    Oh yes, I often don the cream pumps and you would be surprised at how often coat hangers come into use whilst I ride.

  • haha, might get myself a pair.

    Coat hangers could be useful for prodding that annoying chav in the eye whilst riding past.

    Sure I've seen you ride your bike past Jessops when I used to work there.

  • Very likely, I ride around the town most days...

    metal hangers would be useful for the abuse of vehicles as they drive far too close! Always wanted to run the cleats of my SPDs down the length of a car who pissed me off...


  • Cool, prob have done.

    lol, another good use. I have to admit that I have ran my DMR v8's down the side of a car before - what a lovely sound they made!

  • Any point setting up a facebook page?
    could be a way of spreading the message about rides and chances to drink tramp booze

  • there is a fixed gear riders on teeside page on facebook, something me and two mates set up a while back, theres about 8 of us on it, its a private group so if you drop me a pm i'll sort it.

  • Here's my bike:­q/2011-11-19%2012.29.56.jpg

    80's Raliegh Europa which i'm converting to fixed.
    Next to my old BMX which is in the process of repair (tempted to convert that to fixed too ;) )

  • Here's my fixed gear with its new set of wheels. Loving riding fixed so far.
    Need to sort out my brakes and need a longer seat pole/new seat.

  • Looking good!

    Have you been out much?

  • Rode to teesside park on monday and then ive just been to stockton today. It's pretty sweet. Getting the hang of trackstands today which has made crossing roads or junctions or whatever much easier than having to put a foot down.
    Can't skid yet though :/

  • New bars & seat.

  • looks really nice now lou, the white looks good now theres enough of it:)

  • Looks nice, need to tilt that saddle up though, gonna slip off that thing!

  • Looks good lou! think I saw you riding on my way home from work the other day.

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Bikes and Places 2-Faces

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