Cleaning a bike for entry to Australia

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  • Did they not recognise you? For shame.

    Not with the Heathrow injection and lack of sunlight for 4 years. Oh and his cousin was fired from the desk after the camel incident..

  • I was asked "you some kind of Arab lover?" by the customs lady at JFK, after she'd read my name from my UK passport.


  • Never had any trouble with customs officers, I generally seem to get past them, mostly I have no reason to be worried about it, though sometimes I could have been in trouble. Went to paris last xmas by bus (urgh, warning, do not ever go by bus, its torture and pricey!) and ferry, was packing camping gas, petrol & carbide rocks (calcium carbide + water/moisture in air = acetylene) and numerous other things they probably can fine you for on the chanel tunnel, but it was fine because we were travelling by ferry. On way back I wake up expecting to be in the que for the ferry, no, we are boarding the train, shitcunt!
    When I'm in the line for customs at the far end (so chance for tunnel fine pretty much passed) some stuck up japanese/ oxford boy asking me & ex/gf loudly only a few metres from the control point "I love your outfits & bags, is it some kind of art installation or protest?" (we were filthy from 5days living out on the parisian streets & underground) when tucked into my bag is a whole bunch of potential nasties.

    Always seems to happen, you have randoms asking you questions that are not useful to your situation when you are near guards!

  • Thought I might as well update this for reference. Just made it to Melbourne, bike is undamaged as far as I can see and I was waved through customs without so much as a glance at the bike, just asked a couple of questions.

    Probably needn't have bothered with the meticulous cleaning of wheels and powdercoating etc etc...

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Cleaning a bike for entry to Australia

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