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  • @Ramsaye

    the remaining Clarion organisations take almost no interest in politics.

    That's not totally the case if you're willing to be a bit loose about the word 'organisation'.

  • Have you seen today's Cycling weekly?

  • Do you mean last week's comic?

    Full text on previous page.

    Do keep up.

  • I looked at a magazine about cycling once.

    Never again.

  • In fact I think I stopped buying magazines altogether in the 90s.

  • Coincidentally when the internet took off and the top shelf lost its appeal. Understood, say no more, secrets safe with us, how's the eyesight?

  • Busted!

  • Lol no I meant this weeks :-) re the letter about the Clarion in response to the article you mentioned. "Today we are an open and welcoming club. The political views of members and sections may vary".

  • Ooh, I never normally bother wiv letters page.

    Found it.

    Clarion clarity
    We were delighted to see the National Clarion Cycling Club called a Great Invention of Cycling (CW Oct 6), but dismayed that so much of the article was inaccurate, and somewhat mocking. We appreciate that the Dr Hutch pages are a lighter look at cycling, but we value our history and are passionate about the present, so please let me set the record straight.

    The Clarion was founded in 1894 and has continued to thrive, with some 1,800 members in 30 sections. Our pedigree is without question; Barry Hoban, Adrian Timmis and recently the Yates twins all had their early years in the Clarion.

    Today we are an open and welcoming club. The political views of members and sections may vary, and we are not actively a political organisation, but our slogan “Fellowship is Life” is as valid today as it was in the 19th century.

    The club is indeed delightful but not a delightful shambles: we could hardly have had 121 Easter meets starting in 1895 if we did not have a proper organisation.

    Denis Pye’s book Fellowship is Life describes the history of our unique club; we are now on our third edition updated in 2015.

    Intersection events, group rides and racing championships, provide many opportunities for members from different sections to meet up and form long-lasting friendships and sporting rivalries.

    Our members are, even today, part of a unique institution in the world of cycling, much more than just an affiliation.

  • Yep that's it! There's more info on the website too including about the Clarion Cycling Club history­-clarion/history/

  • Um, did you notice the title of this thread? I know reading the start of a thread to find out what it's about and how it got started is an old-fogey thing from Usenet days and too slow for the modern Interweb, but the title is a bit of a clue.

    If you do have some idle time at some point, though, the first two pages would be enough to fill you in. There are even some handy links.

  • Joining the London Clarion for a ride this Saturday. Been meaning to for aaages.

  • Tonight in Lewisham!

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  • Seeing this has just reminded me that I should join and so I have joined London Clarion. It turns out that I know the chap who runs it.

  • Check out the website to see what events are scheduled for the rest of the year.

  • Really crap Guardian header but looks like there will be a split in the club.

  • London Clarion is staying true to the roots, philosophy and history of the Clarion. It remains socialist and anti fascist. Most members are talking of disaffiliating from National Clarion. I am in two minds. If everyone leaves we are just leaving the National Clarion and its history to the Tories. It is entryism par excellence.

    The vote in National Clarion has provoked considerable anger. It was not achieved by one member one vote but by block voting, one vote for each club and only 13 clubs attended and voted. The Tories won by one vote.

    What is the point of the Clarion if it is not socialist?

  • Extra special bonus points for the supreme logic that 'socialism is divisive'. But yes, it does look like an attempt to destroy the club. I suppose the other clubs can always join the Clarion 1894, which can then take over as the true national club.

  • This must be serious: I understood an entire FuBa post!

  • I would hope that the Clarion nationally attempts to remain a broad church and local groups can use Socialist in their publicity if we wish.

  • They have already conceded that and London Clarion continues to be:

    We are political; generally socialist, anti-fascist and feminist. We
    are a collective; administered entirely by volunteers, operated on the
    basis of mutual assistance and the exchange of useful and trivial
    Information. We are a cycling club; passionate about cycling, using it
    as a medium to foster relationships and enjoyment. We are a community;
    some of our members don’t cycle but support our ethos. We are not a
    specialist road racing or mountain bike club but rather a club that
    welcomes all types of cycling ie Road, Leisure, Touring, MTB or

  • London Clarion, remaining true to its history and principles, has had a surge of new member applications over the last few days.

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London Clarion 1894 members...

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