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  • Who's following everyone's favourite fat fuck as he tries not to fall off a mountain during @skinny first race as organiser...

    Tracker on the homepage: https://www.lesperitdelbikepacking.org/

  • New thread required please.

  • Funny watching TPN riders cycling past my house on the shit roads and missing all the amazing stuff. Why I don't ride road...

  • Dunno if this is the best thread for it, but I enjoyed watching this yesterday. Probably gives a good idea how hard Transiberica would be:


  • Oh hey its Sherry. Her and her man were doing B Hard. Nice folks.

  • This starts tomorrow:

    Up the west of South Africa and Namibia - Cape to Windhoek.
    2700km, mostly off-road, organised by Ryan Flynn, who I met on IndyPac and who now works for Jesse at Curve. The route takes in a lot of desert. I've seem some fabulous pictures from recces.

    It's been postponed for a couple of years due to COVID.

    Some big names including Sofiane, Sarah H, Abdullah Z, Josh Ibbett, Lael Wilcox, Steve Halligan. Originally I think Kristof was down to do it, and Jesse, but they're not on the latest start list. I'm not sure if Jesse would be fit to race nowadays.

    I'd love to have been able to do it, but doesn't work for me nowadays. Will watch it a bit though. Here's the mapprogress link:

  • What a great line up. I'll keep an eye on it, good spot.

  • I was speaking with someone from Namibia about this, they had some questions about the route and resupply. Also about why it supported a charity that wasn't in Namibia.

  • Abdullah has barely stopped and is out front with Kevin Benkenstein so far. A quick look at Kevin says he is a previous top 2 finisher in Race to the Rock, so he has the chops. Far to go yet and lots of strong names in the top 10.

  • Still those two out in front. Josh not far behind.
    Sofiane back in 10th, maybe he's there for the views.
    Sarah has dropped out.
    Looks like Lael didn't make the start.
    Still a long way to go.

  • Seems to me that you have something negative to say about every race you’re not part of.

  • Lol at trying to cast shade on me from your 1 post account.
    Step for forward into the light.

  • Every race I'm not part of is shit.


  • Lol at you casting shade on every race organiser who isn’t your bessie mate.

    They’re using the wrong tracking software

    Riding on roads is shit and boring and DANGEROUS - just because you don’t want to do it anymore.

    I suggest you ride in Namibia before you start questioning shit. You were very quick to jump down someone’s throat when they suggested Silk Road was wiping out resources

  • Should be a close run in coming up.

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  • Exciting race to the finish, looks like Abdullah almost caught Benky with 50km to go.

  • That was insane! Seemed like such a brutal race...

  • Just saw Sofiane's stories, suggesting Peter & Paul are getting in a car for some sections out on the course.

  • He's right, when you check their history the trackers always go offline, or stop pinging at the same time and come back online at the same moment.

  • It looks a bit odd, as if they are riding as a pair, not sure of the rules in this race. Abdullah and Benky was very close. Dotwatcher only had Abdullah as an afterthought in the 'ones to watch' section, not sure how it is possible to underrate him like that! Would love there to be more images for this race, can't find much on social media.

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  • The organisers are quite active on insta and post daily vids on youtube. Ryan 'rhino' also posts a lot.

  • Thanks I'll check that :)

  • More info on dotwatcher.cc about them riding as a pair

    An addendum. Many Dotwatchers are noting the twins, Paul Kato and Peter Wasswa, who have riden together for the duration of the race, even though there are no pairs category in the race. It is understood one of the twins is illiterate and thus the race organisers are allowing them to ride together given they are their development riders. A fairer approach for the riders would be to have advertised this upfront rather than leaving the riders facing critisism from those following the race. Where this leaves the rules and the General Classification is anyones guess.

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