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  • Id disagree with his hypothesis.

    The questionnaire is not evidence based. It's all good having a hypothetical score, but consider evidence. We all know people see themselves through rose tinted glasses and so asking people their own view on their grit will just be inflated by people's higher opinion of themselves that reality. What's that statistics that X% of drivers think they're better than average.
    .what's the scratch rate?
    What's the return to race rate?
    What's the give up cycling rate?

  • Yeah, I didn't think it was a great survey, TBH.
    And FWIW I came out below average on grit score - mainly because I'm a bit flighty when it comes to persuing new ideas, and I don't really like working hard if I can avoid it - which I'm better able to do as I get older!

  • I'm at the extreme end of the "girt" scale!


  • Daniel Kahneman(sp?) wrote a book on this shit. So have probably loads of others. We are totally full of conscious and unconscious biases.

  • I failed at the first hurdle: "To fill out this form, you must be signed in."


  • The question is interesting, as is whether you can aply things you've learned while riding to other areas. For sure you can develop mental fortitude and learn to look at problems differently, but doing the same at work could require a similar passion or reason. At the very least you could learn to be more calm when you need to solve problems. And you could take problem solving in itself as the interesting challenge so it wouldn't be just an obstacle but the reason to be there. Some experienced racers still say it's just a different world though.

    The survey questions are kind of distracting as at work my job is often to pursue projects objectively and stop or change them if they don't seem to be efficient etc. so I can't stubbornly push them through, while in races and such I've finished even if it means injuring myself to some extent. In SRMR I enjoyed the most physically or mentally challenging stretches the most and I can take some of that with me to the office but in many aspects, it might not be the most productive solution for those problems. Though sure the questions are interesting and you need these qualities to be successful in races and maybe I should have a job where I could stubbornly follow my intuition.

  • Race Around Netherlands and Italy Divide look to be coming up this month. Will be strange to have a year of dotwatching back after the last couple of empty years, but I am guessing most of the major races will be on? Hope so anyway.

  • Empty years? Been lots of racing last year.

  • True, things started to get back last year. Was thinking about TCR being cancelled and Covid still lingering. Last two years all blurring into one for me.

  • Very sad news.


    Rest In Peace Pawel.

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  • What happened?

    I find the lost his life doing what he loves weird. If someone said I'd get killed riding my bike, I'd stop tomorrow. I'm assuming he was hit by a car. Why I won't ride on the road. Poor guy. Sorry.

  • First I've heard of it.

    RIP Pawel.

  • There were some reports on Facebook.
    Apparently it happened in a tunnel. Presumably a car involved but they didn't know exactly what happened.

    Terrible incident but at least the orgs handled it properly.

  • I find the lost his life doing what he loves weird

    Agree. People say it as if it makes things OK.

  • If anyone in a car kills me while I'm on my bike you can have my bitcoin wallets if you make sure they never drive again.

  • I have trended to have to make adjustments to fit during ultras on the fly in the past as issues have arisen. For example I think that, during every ride of over 600km that I have ever done, I have lowered the saddle height. And a couple of times I have put my bars higher. But there are other adjustments I would like to have made at times but which were harder, such as a shorter stem.

    And doing it on the fly might be risky. On TCR 2019 one of the changes I made was to put my saddle back, which might have contributed to getting Shermer's as it made my reach longer and forced me to extend my neck further.

    I now think that, based on my history, it should be fairly predictable and am wondering if I could try to start TCR with my bike set up for how I am likely to want it to be on day 3 onwards, rather than for day 1.

    Has anyone else either thought about, or read anything about, how required fit changes as power decreases and fatigue increases over the course of an ultra? I'd be interested in anything that looks at this.

  • Who did your bike fit? I would go see a good bike fitter who can consider your use and needs when fitting.

  • @scherrit. I'll certainly ask him, but wondered whether there were views on this out there that I had missed.

    What set me thinking about it was reading Jan Heine's book the other day. He was talking about how, because faster riders lean forward more, as more weight is supported by pedalling harder, they need longer reach than someone riding more slowly. For similar reasons, front suspension is more effective for faster riders as more weight forward, and rear (eg fat tyre, sprung saddle) more effective for slower.

    What struck me was that, on an ultra, I transition from one type to the other.

  • Sounds like seen a highly experienced bike fitter and then change the position again ‘because’ lols?

  • Don't we all, don't we all!

    I have out my saddle down slightly to alleviate knee pain also Achilles pain. But ultimately I think see a fitter who can accomodate for it. Also a fitter who will say if you start to experience X you can alter Y by Z. It's a fit widow not precise, so you need to know your room for adjustment before you cause bigger issues. Scherrit is really good, see him again and discuss this, I am sure he will help give you some ideas and tolerances.

    I would also maintain that if you're setup right to begin and are fit and strong, you should not need to move things. Perhaps consider working on core strength off the bike.

  • I don't know why you're transitioning from one position to another during a race. My fit doesn't change (with a couple of notable exceptions, ie. when I got my saddle height wrong in the first place or when I did TransP a couple of weeks before TCR and was trying anything to fix the resulting knee overuse) and I generally don't get knee pain or neck pain. Are you riding enough in-position beforehand so you know you can hold it for the race duration?
    It takes effort some times to remind myself to get back into the aerobars but you should be tucked for the whole race, not just the first days.

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