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  • Shame it will most likely be the middle of the night when I get there.

    That's a choice. Perhaps an unwise one?

  • From a safety PoV?

    The only time I've ridden in the Alps was TCR in 2016, when the two big passes I did were both at night.

    I was really concerned about what mountains at night would be like so was watching the forecast closely all the way to the Alps. Then - after you passed me just after the Grindelwald control - it was a really calm night, so all was fine. I didn't get down from the Furkapass until about 3am, by which time you were no doubt tucked up in bed somewhere down the road.

    Then, two nights later, I got to the control at Alleghe at 9pm, saw the weather forecast which was a big storm coming in from the north, so realised I had to go up the Giau straight away to miss it. I got to the top at midnight, and got down and back to the plain before the storm caught me. If I'd waited to the morning, I'd have been going up in a storm, which seemed a worse idea.

    I'd always try to get the best info I can on weather but, if it is OK, there's something magical about being up in the mountains at night. I'd still rather do them in daylight, though!

  • No, from. A fun point of view!

  • I mean, I've crossed 4,000m peaks in snow blizzards, waded rivers in serious flow. A bit of rain in the alps isn't a concern.

  • Oh yeah, definitely. Would be good to actually see something after slogging up for hours!

  • Very tempted to enter this.

    Presume you'll just use cardboard bike box to and from Vienna / nice? Not something I've done before so I'll need to familiarise myself.

  • Not looked into it yet but probably.
    If I can do it by train rather than flying I will, but that is a pain as different railways have different requirements.

    Nb it might be sold out, there were only three places when I looked a couple of days ago

  • Presume you'll just use cardboard bike box to and from Vienna / nice?

    That's what Cycliste and I did when we did it a couple of years ago. Cardboard box to Vienna, and then we bought new boxes from the airport in Mallorca, as the event finished in Barcelona and we got the ferry over to Mallorca when we finished the race.

  • Cool I've just bagged the last place...

    Would rather do train too if I can help it, I've tried to get a bike to Austria before and remember it being a p.i.t.a.

  • I remember planning a skateboard tour with
    a Hungarian friend and he refused to let us go to Romania because we would be 'stabbed by gypsies'... didn't mention the drivers though.

  • Cool I've just bagged the last place...


    I scratched from the TCR in Austria and got the train back. I stayed overnight with a mate in frankfurt, who also advised me on a lot of the logistics. I really enjoyed the journey so will try to do it again.

    I'll let you know what my plans are nearer the time when I've looked into it. I know there is a sleeper that goes to Vienna from Amsterdam, and there are more being put on, I think one from Paris, so I reckon it should be doable.

  • Coming from Hungary he must likely wouldn't see anything wrong with the Romanian drivers!

  • Did you do a write up about it? I remember reading something you wrote but can't remember where. Maybe it was posts on here.
    Would be good to re-read if so.

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