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  • Jealous.

  • You wouldn't be if you knew the levels of pain it's been to organise the trip and get all the necessary covid clearances etc. And apart from 2 days in heaven on earth, I'll be working solid for 3 weeks. But it'll be worth it. Just hope I don't spanner myself getting carried away on A Line as my employer will not be happy.

  • Yep, using the old FlightDeck system. A very odd system as it gave a cadence reading even if you were freewheeling. Much proprietary, very out of date.

  • Flight Deck! That was it!

    I mean, I could've googled it but that';s not such funl. So drink

  • Out of the blue Abdullah did his second 24h try. No buildup videos on youtube and on Instagram he posted on november 1st that he was attempting it "in 6 weeks". There are Instagram stories of the ride on his account but I missed the live. :(

    Anyway, the ride: https://www.strava.com/activities/625849­3958

  • Fuckton of watts. If only he had ££ for aeros

  • Stopped for 37min? Could've done another 20k+ in that time.

    I can't see anyone beating Strasser's record for a long time (now someone will immediately take it)

  • Any ultra racing that allows you to compete with a lid?

  • what about e-bike? it's something that a day will be possible. I'm seriously thinking to allow them to race, maybe in another classification, like PAIR-SOLO and E-BIKE.

  • In NCT, the organizer was driving a Tesla. With less than ideal charging possibilities he wasn't able to keep up with me/the head of the through the Nordics and Baltics, only caught us in Poland I think.
    #notsohumblebrag but ebikes would have their own weird game.

    They also allow all kinds of weird bikes there, as long as they don't have a motor.

  • Given current energy density of batteries you would need maybe 4-5 to get a full day's riding. That's assuming you stay in a hotel every night, double if you bivvy one night.
    And a charger for each battery unless you want to get up every hour or so to swap them over.

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