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  • Jealous.

  • You wouldn't be if you knew the levels of pain it's been to organise the trip and get all the necessary covid clearances etc. And apart from 2 days in heaven on earth, I'll be working solid for 3 weeks. But it'll be worth it. Just hope I don't spanner myself getting carried away on A Line as my employer will not be happy.

  • Yep, using the old FlightDeck system. A very odd system as it gave a cadence reading even if you were freewheeling. Much proprietary, very out of date.

  • Flight Deck! That was it!

    I mean, I could've googled it but that';s not such funl. So drink

  • Out of the blue Abdullah did his second 24h try. No buildup videos on youtube and on Instagram he posted on november 1st that he was attempting it "in 6 weeks". There are Instagram stories of the ride on his account but I missed the live. :(

    Anyway, the ride: https://www.strava.com/activities/625849­3958

  • Fuckton of watts. If only he had ££ for aeros

  • Stopped for 37min? Could've done another 20k+ in that time.

    I can't see anyone beating Strasser's record for a long time (now someone will immediately take it)

  • Any ultra racing that allows you to compete with a lid?

  • what about e-bike? it's something that a day will be possible. I'm seriously thinking to allow them to race, maybe in another classification, like PAIR-SOLO and E-BIKE.

  • In NCT, the organizer was driving a Tesla. With less than ideal charging possibilities he wasn't able to keep up with me/the head of the through the Nordics and Baltics, only caught us in Poland I think.
    #notsohumblebrag but ebikes would have their own weird game.

    They also allow all kinds of weird bikes there, as long as they don't have a motor.

  • Given current energy density of batteries you would need maybe 4-5 to get a full day's riding. That's assuming you stay in a hotel every night, double if you bivvy one night.
    And a charger for each battery unless you want to get up every hour or so to swap them over.

  • Route for Pan Celtic Race announced.
    Is it just me or does anyone else think it's a bit odd? At first I thought that there was something wrong with my screen and it wasn't showing the full route.

  • Odd in what way? Doesn't look long enough to be 2500km?

  • Like they have taken an existing event and then tacked two unnecessary ferries on either end. Ferires are sometimes a necessary evil but they don't really enhance an event, IMHO

  • Yes, it does seem very odd with the two ferries and minimal riding in Wales at the start and finish.

  • Ah yeah totally see what you mean. Can imagine that first one will be weird as it's only around 20km from the start to Fishguard so that might be a bit odd.

  • It also follows the wild Atlantic way, which apparently says on the website is full of cars and not good for cycling.

    We've been here before...

  • Very stupid what they have done. They have 3 countries of their own to route through. A lap of Wales, a dip into the lakes and the peaks and you have a bloody tough route. Why the need to send people across the water all whilst stepping on another route organisers toes. Shit like that gets you knee capped here.

    Mike said at an event I was at years ago 'if you are part of something in ultra cycling then don't be a dick.' They've broken this rule.

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