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  • From Insta he's riding in the night now or something. Might have gone out too hard. Think he had to hit 315 average over the next 3 days. Big ask

  • here's the further east link if anyones interested: https://www.followmychallenge.com/live/f­urther-east-2021/?52.618273,0.312311,8

    Couple doing it on a tandem.

  • That looks a pretty uncatchable lead.

  • Yeah I’d say that’s pretty done.

  • 60k
    8kph faster than Josh at the moment on the map?

    Joel 6th and well up there.

  • I was loving Further East but my knee went around midnight and i tried to swap the set up around so i could continue in anyway but now i can barely walk. I've scratched now and had a good sleep.

    I'm gutted as I've got some decent fitness to compete and sitting around 6th was achievable (my aim was to move to 5th through the night), now i need to recover fast.

    Josh had a mechanical at the start so lost a fair bit of time to Neil.

  • Bad luck! Hope the knee settles down with some rest.

    Most important question is what caused it?
    What could you have you done differently from before - luggage on the bike, riding off-road, any position tweaks you made for it? Is it the same knee as earlier in the year?

    Thanks for insight on Josh vs Neil. Not a shock that Neil could be winning but the margin is massive.

  • That's rotten luck, hope it recovers quickly.

  • Congrats @neilp great ride.

  • Smart to call it. You have a bigger goal.

  • Smashed it, eh!

  • Yaa!

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  • Same knee as before. It was the off road as it was pretty bumpy, i was definitely carrying too much weight as had by bivvy (came in handy though). I changed the set up after it went for the first time and tried to manage the pain.

    It was a fun event and loved having a little insight into the ultra world

  • Josh Quigley only has to do 17mph for the next 30 hours solid time do the record.

  • Sounds like a fun weekend he has lined up! I expect he is looking forward to Monday morning more than just about anyone.

    But seriously how does it compare to his average speed? I guess it will all be clear on the morning

  • That's good, if you know what caused it you can fix it!

  • The tracker is terrible so I honestly can’t tell you but it’s showing ahead now.

  • 95 miles and 4.5 hours for Josh.

    Showing ahead and I have no idea how. It’ll be tight but needs a RIPPING finish

  • Tracker suggests he did it? He was still about 95miles short with 3.5hrs to go when I went bed so either he must've put a shift in or the tracker was playing up.

  • Looks like he did it by 2 miles, ie about 5 minutes over a week!

  • I dunno how he did it.

  • Cheers Thrasher. Josh designed a grippy course, loads of variation. A full proper grim sectors but it wouldnt have been a Further without them. Him and Camille did a really good job

  • RTP this weekend: 06:00, September 25, 2021

  • Can I ask people's opinions on the Garmin Etrex 32x? or Etrex in general.
    I'm looking for the holy grail of long life and usability, the AA batteries, rugged design and simple looking use are what has caught my eye.
    Are there any other GPS units I should look at (I'm not bothered about power etc as I ride fixed).

  • If you don't care about power than etrex is generally what people end up with. I find them clunky and slow to use but they have better GPS than Edge devices, AA batts and seem more rugged. If you don't need all the bells and whistles you can use the cheaper models - they do much the same thing. Mine only really gets used as a backup device during races but I feel I might move it to primary spot for unmarked trail stuff because it responds quicker to direction changes.

    Also, there's a whole Garmin thread and GPS thread



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