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  • See Ulrich is off to his usual slow start.....

  • Team Joe Barr race series started this morning here in Northern Ireland. 200, 330 and 500 mile course.


    Hoping my 200 course record stands for another year so I don't have to go back.

  • Well done on having the course record - looks like a tough event. An clubmate of mine (Ian McNally) was riding this year so I had a look at the route. I've ridden a few of the roads: some lovely lanes along the border (but I was touring) and the last bit along the coast was a crazy headwind.

  • Dam, what a ride by Ulrich.

  • What are the preferred (j-bends) aero bars? Any brands that are go to?

  • Not really. It's pretty hard to fuck up some tubes. I've used Spesh, Zipp and Pro and have nothing interesting to report about any of them. :)

  • Thanks! Managed to pick up some profile design ones. Fucking up my neck in 4 rides is my guess.

  • Interesting interview with Kristoff. He seems abit more relaxed here. Maybe he's had a few beers :)

    Topics covered:

    Steel / Carbon / Titanium
    Race strategy


  • Yeah that was good. Nice words about Mike.

  • Thanks for linking - good hear Kristof again after a while. Only listened to the first 10 mins so far but it sounds just like he is in real life.

    Kristof really loves cycling, to the same extent as Steve Abraham. And his approach to racing is something that he developed over many years of riding on his own. He was doing his thing and then a sport came along that was exactly tailored to what he did, so he became the champion at it. But he always gives the impression that, if it hadn't come along, he wouldn't have minded, he'd have just done the same rides and been equally happy.

    Look forward to listening to the rest of it at the weekend.

  • I just listened to it all. Very good. At his best.

    Never saw it before and its a year old, thanks for raising it @Thrasher

    Makes me almost want to get back on the road.

  • Cool podcast with Kristof, just had a listen. Seems like he just likes riding bikes.

    Any ultracyclists with kids here? I've got some questions but don't want to pollute this topic.

  • Yes, that's pretty much it.
    I listened to the rest of it over the weekend. What struck me most was how Kristof is incredibly authentic. He's not trying to impress anyone with what he does, just, as you say, rides his bike purely for his own pleasure.

    I'm a parent - ask away.
    Also @GoatandTricycle @gillies and plenty of others would have views. And Kristof has at least one daughter too.

  • Juliana next up :)


    She has some interesting things to say about how racing has changed since Mike's death.
    She's not so techy as K so interesting to hear some good stories.

    first TCR after party sounded good.

  • Excellent, I'll enjoy that too.
    I've read her book: she's been through a lot.

  • Yeh - I didnt know she was a total noob to cycling before her RTW attempt - amazing story.

  • I'd basically like some advice/stories about how to cope when you're riding/cycling stuff interferes with family time. I'm not even doing longer rides (although they are on my dream list some day) and still struggle to get out on the bike for an hour.

    TBH, youngest one is 12 weeks, oldest one is 2 years 7 months so I think I'm struggling with some me-problems. I've always had plenty of hobbies and cycling/running is the only thing I've got left now. The oldest one just started becoming more and more independent so got some hobby time back but that's all gone now again.

    Don't get me wrong, I love them to death. But I can't see myself bugger of for more than two weeks to do something like the tcr. It feels like I'll be out having "fun" while my other half is left to deal with two demon children. Let alone all the training/preparation.

    I feel like the response is to wait till they'll be older but some personal experience from riders here would help place things in perspective.

  • I think the answer will be different for all. I'd suggest working what you need (not want) and then having an open discussion with your partner. Maybe they also would like time to do their things and you can reciprocate.

  • True. And I realize I come off as an egocentric person here.

    The problem like I see it is that cycling takes up a lot more time than running. My other half likes running but is content with 3x 30 min per week or so. Which is doable as I'll just take both children and she'll be back within the hour.

    Guess we'll have to (re)find our routine and if I have to put things on the back-burner, so be it.

    I might just need someone to tell me to fuck off and stop whining.

  • Ride when the kids are asleep. It’s a lot easier in the summer granted, but it’s possible all year round.

    I’m still doing it, even though my kids are 11 and 8 now, as it fits family life and I prefer the quieter roads on weekend mornings especially. I can be up at 5 am, do three hours and still be home before everyone is up.

  • I might just need someone to tell me to fuck off and stop whining.

    Fuck off and stop whining.

  • And I realize I come off as an egocentric

    Id say you're trying to be too selfless and that never helps anyone in the long run. There is nothing g wrong with being selfish, if it can be compromised and fair to all.

  • Not exactly TCR prep, but do you ride with your eldest? I ride a fair bit with my son, and see it as bike time as much as childcare time, if that makes sense, even when it's just an hour or so.

  • Easy to drop 'em on the climbs too. Good morale booster!

  • Hmm, I'm not the most experienced in dot-watching, but it seems the leader of Hope1000 just took a significant short cut and leapfrogged the previous leader. Watching closely as they're about to come past my house.

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