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  • Some Russian guy did some great testing. The info comes from that. I'll dig it out if I can remeber it.
    I think it's still a good option on road, just not as clear cut as off road. And I think the new one when released will be again clear cut.

    The russian guys research also make the case that you need to consider dynamo too and its interaction with the light in question.


  • really interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  • Alee's piece on rim dynamos was also interesting:

    The only dynamo I've ever considered buying was the Velogical. It still makes good sense as a back-up lighting system (and extra light for descending), although expensive for that.

    It always surprises me that so few people who use dynamos for on-road ultras use rim rather than hub setups.

  • Dynamo 100% I think if you are trying to go fast you want to minimise the mental load.

    There's a lot to be said for that but, on the other hand, if there is advantage to be gained from saving the Watts, at some point the additional mental load of remembering to recharge becomes worth it.

    It's a bit like do I always follow my route because that's the easiest thing to do, or might I change it sometimes eg to go round a storm. It's easier mentally to follow the pink line but it might be faster to do the thinking.

  • There's a bunch a ways to deal with this problem. Go out and figure out what works best for you. Some people like batteries. Some people dig dynamos?

  • Interesting discussion on dynamo vs dyna-no setups. Think it will come down to budget for me this year at least, hope to have the convenience at some point though.

    It looks like we have been lucky and snagged a couple of Sverige Tempot places whilst being on the reserve list. What are people thinking/feeling/guessing is the likelihood of actually being able to travel abroad come July?

  • To me, it feels like being able to leave the country by then will be pretty likely. The concern seems to be the slow uptake of the vaccine on the continent. There's talk of Sweden having a vaccine passport programme I think I read?

  • Couldn’t find a thread dedicated to it, but Victoria Divide 550 starts tonight.


    Beware of Walmer bars :-)

  • Bars in Australia generally are warmer

  • https://iberica-traversa.com/
    .anyone know anyone that's done it?

    Andy buch event and his routes are meant to be good right?

  • It looks a cool event; I am tempted as part of my ‘Spanish love-in’
    Its criminally unpopular though; I think less than 6 riders did in ‘19, so getting race feedback is tough. I tried to find, as I was debating the whole gravel vs MTB can of worms...

    1. What kind of bike do I need?

    Lubos Seidl, IT2019: “I followed the golden rule of bikepacking, saying: Just ride the bike you have!”
    April Marshke, IT2019: “There is no perfect bike in this sport, only perfect attitudes. “
    The route follows unpaved roads and trails. In 2019 from 42mm to 2.2″ tyres on a gravel bike till full supsension mountain bike was used.

  • I know a couple inmates did NT, well @Samuli for one. So maybe they can comment on their route for that and we can extrapolate wildly.

  • When I spoke to Andy he said those who had a gravel bike wished they were on a MTB, and those on a MTB wished they had a gravel bike! Don’t they say a good compromise is when everyone is equally unhappy?!?!

  • Gravel bike

  • The Northcape-Tarifa route was great, quiet roads and nice views. It did feel like it was made to be a touring route at times rather than for fast racing, doing a loop on cobbled streets around some nice old town etc.
    And there has been some confusion on what is allowed and what's not.
    It was more of a road race but there was maybe 300km of gravel, some of it very rough, but ridable on a road bike.

    Iberica traversa does look like a great route from what I've seen. Probably a hardtail with fast tyres and aerobar or gravel bike with mtb tyres would both be good. Kind of like Badlands?

  • Cheers.

    I dont mind a town loop now and again, good for a gelato or tapas. Plus everyone must do it too.

    Going through florence on Italy divide was a nightmare, midday!

  • I remember being a bit annoyed by the route often taking a slower option or doing sight seeing around old towns, there would have been much faster roads to cross the continent on, but yeah everyone must use the same and the backroads were quiet, which was nice, just more challenging to ride fast but that's not wrong.

    Teruel was amusing, I thought I'd ride though it during the night, was there just before midnight, and there was some kind of a big fiesta going on that night, thousands of people out there. Lucky to see it :D

  • Route check bike


    Similar setup to what I rode at Badlands - dropbars with big tyres but mine had aerobars because I didn't want to uncable the dynamo. He looks to have smaller chainring too.

  • Lubos Seidl, IT2019: “I followed the golden rule of bikepacking, saying: Just ride the bike you have!”
    April Marshke, IT2019: “There is no perfect bike in this sport, only perfect attitudes. “

    'Shit Gravel Grinders Say' thread >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Those route pics look mint

  • I followed the golden rule of bikepacking: Just ride the bike you have just bought!

  • The idea of this is growing on me. Bit spendy for a GPX track but if nothing else is happening this year it might be a nice holiday at the very least.

  • My golden rule is enter the event that means you need to buy a new bike to “do it justice”.

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