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  • The rule of thumb is about a month to recover from a long ride so 6 weeks is on the long side. But it does vary, and it increases with age.

    Often people can do short stuff pretty quickly but it takes longer to do distance. Eg my 10 mile PB was set a few days after PBP,but I wouldn't have fancied a 25. I remember feeling pretty strong a month after Tcr in 2016. But my worst day on a bike was trying a 100 the week after a 12 hour.

  • Kurt is such a legend. Tips cap.

  • Certainly does increase with age I've found, esp catching up on sleep. And in my case that's mainly longer tours/BP trips with long days but reasonable sleep rather than racing.

    There was a guide or formula posted online somewhere from one of the original Divide racers, number of days spent at race intensity ie 18hrs+ on the bike and number of hours less sleep than normal to give time to recover. It was a number of months for a long duration race like the Divide. Probably also the generally sht food available there..

  • It also depends a lot on what your volume is to begin with. I get away with finishing a bunch of big races in a year because I've had large volume for years leading up to them. Unlikely if I tried doing that off 6hrs a week of turbo training.

  • What do people use for chain lube on ultras nowadays?
    Things have moved on with wax, etc, but not everything is practical for an ultra.

  • I have not used it yet, but the new Silca wax lube looks good. Comes in a small bottle option as well

  • I've got a bottle of the silca stuff but not used it yet. like most it should be applied to a pretty much clean drivetrain. I'm miles away from that.

  • The same shit I've always used. Ceramic Finish Line.
    I don't bother with waxing for ultras.

  • haha

    I'm now wondering how difficult it would be to ultrasonically clean and then hot wax my balls...

  • "We're gonna need a bigger ultrasonic tank!"

  • OK, thanks. I've used White Lightning for years and years, but I saw some study last year that said it was the worst thing to use from a friction point of view, so thought I should look for something else. Since then I've just been using up crappy bottles of oil that have been in the garage for ages, like one that came free with the chain cleaner.

    Silca must be good for £32 a bottle! I guess I'll have to try it.

  • I used Squirt for my last race
    Have to say; it seems impossible to keep a chain clean riding 15+hrs a day, day after day

  • I like the muc off nano they did with sky.

  • Depends where you are. Off road it must be very hard, but I find that in summer on dry mostly main roads in Europe, my chain doesn't get that dirty. I don't think I've ever cleaned it during an on-road ultra, just squirted on more lube a few times.

  • I've been using Rex Domestique. Disappears pretty quickly in rain but the chain stays pretty clean and some lab tests say it's fast. Conveniently small bottle, that costs the same as other bigger bottles. For example last year I did TCR and then cleaned the chain with just a rag, lubed the chain and it stayed quiet and shifting was good for the whole PBP without lubing it again, as there was no rain. So basically, I like it because it's easy to keep the drivetrain clean.

  • Not sure if anyone saw this article? Seems really condescending to me
    A woman (Pro) managed to ride 1000km in 5 days. 5 days in a row. A woman !


  • Well it appears to have been written by a woman and for one of those lazy pro cyclists, that's a huge ride, so maybe it's 'amazed' and 'stoked' as opposed to condescending. Most of it is the rider's quotes anyway. Perhaps you forget that not everyone busts out 200k rides like it's scratching an arse cheek.

  • Nice report of the Race Through Poland 2019

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