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  • Absolutely no environmental footprint along the way.

    Yeah, I wonder if it might be an idea to encourage riders away from individually packed freeze dried meals and snacks like Josh [understandably] has in his video, if this is one of the key drivers for self sufficient? If you just have a load of trash in Scotland isn't it too different than disposing of it on the way?

  • When did she leave yours? Looks like she's already added a rack to her setup because her bike was too top heavy. Said she's planning to lose some of the food too.

  • Yeah, lots of trackers being left in the bushes outside of towns while cafes are raided..

  • I don't see hanging onto a few grams of packaging from dehy stuff as a disadvantage, so I'm not sure if that's the reason. Maybe it's more aimed to validate they did actually carry enough food and don't rock up with a bunch of Costa sandwich wrappers.

  • I spent the day at @adroit 's house finishing the set up, he fitted a rack, I nicked one of his panniers, and ate all his flapjacks.

  • Ah that makes sense. I couldn't see the rack.

    Have you ditched the extra food? If so, where? Asking for a friend...

  • Flapjacks = food of the Gods.

    Good luck with the race!

  • Forza Anisa!

  • Flapjacks = food of the Gods.

    Too much fat.

    Good for audax/ultra, less good for shorter stuff.

  • they’re not allowed to buy anything or go into any building

    Goodness, does that mean she can't even go into a Nisa?

  • Just saw what Molly Weaver packed for GBDuro (I hear she scratched tho). Can't imagine the mess this stuff would make of your guts after days of eating mostly energy stuff. Can't figure out how to embed so here's a link

  • I'd need to tow a toilet if I was ingesting that for the following two weeks. 🤮

  • Wrecks your mouth aswell, all that sugar, ulcers etc

  • Wrecks your mouth aswell, all that sugar, ulcers etc

    Too right. Learned that to my cost using powers on a few long rides. It took a while for me to realise - three events where I could hardly eat for ulcers after day 2.

  • I find mouthwash very useful

  • I headed out to Wales yesterday to see if I could catch up with anyone. Managed to find James Illman and Anisa.
    Both had the grace to stop for a brief chat. They’re having their own private race!

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  • James:

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  • And I have no idea why the photos are uploading sideways. @velocio?

  • That can't be him, he looks far too healthy.

  • Feels like it's your camera performing auto-rotation on the file or setting one of the EXIF flags incorrectly.

    There are 8 rotations on an image, basically 4 x 90' rotations and the 2 x flips... EXIF describes this, your camera puts that info in the EXIF. This is normalised during upload, but if the EXIF is incorrect then the incorrect rotation and flip may be applied.

    Mobile cameras largely get this right, so I'm surprised that yours hasn't.

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