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  • I did wonder about people traveling over there. Assumed it was legit given they're they're advertising to the world they're over there.

  • Most european countries opened their borders last week: https://www.euronews.com/2020/06/15/whic­h-european-countries-have-opened-their-b­orders-ahead-of-the-summer-holiday-seaso­n

    They had a staggered start and masks are mandatory in shops.

  • "The “extraordinary situation”, which began on March 17, was officially lifted on June 19. The situation is now “special”."

    "Restrictions on restaurants were lifted in early June, and zoos, theatres, cinemas and campgrounds have also re-opened. "

  • "friends' advice"

  • Böhringer has about 17 downhill kilometres to go.

  • He's finished.

    Nice to do a little dot-watching even if I remembered too late that this was on the road, I mean, off the road.

  • Having said that, the women's race (between only three entrants) is still on. Emma Pooley's in the lead. She's also the sole British entrant (with an English flag for some reason).

  • Swiss bike adventure is happening too apparently, in July.

    SRMR has not yet been cancelled, they will confirm in the beginning of July, if it is possible to happen.

  • At the AMR I go the impression that Nelson values that people are there to race but also to see remote and wild places which are relatively untouched. So I would be surprised if he was willing to risk encouraging people to these (for lack of a better word) vulnerable communities.

  • Yeah, complicated situation, even if it is possible to travel there, but according to the email updates, he still wants to make it happen. He lives in Kyrgyzstan now so he knows how it is there.

  • Point 7. ... "friends' advice"
    I guess Emma didn't read the rules!

    Edit, just seen this has been spotted already by @alialias

  • well there you go.

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  • Every ultra race report I've read has riders admitting to breaking the rules in it. Every race I've been in I've seen rule breaks. They tend to be minor but it's still a bit of a pisstake when you're looking to book a hotel and dudes are telling you they've booked 5 days of accom in advance or phoning home and getting weather reports to make calls on when to stop and when to ride.

  • booked 5 days of accom in advance

    Is that a rule break @hippy?

  • Yes. Most races stipulate no booking stuff before race starts and/or no booking stuff outside 24hr period in the race. It's to stop people booking everything up when there's no guarantee they'll even make their targets and depriving other racers of services.

  • Allegaert will be at the start of a race for the first time in 3 years: https://routedudiable2020.maprogress.com­/

    He just rode to the start from his home (800 km)

  • It's to stop people booking everything up when there's no guarantee they'll even make their targets and depriving other racers of services.

    I find that explanation desperately unconvincing. I suppose it depends where the race is taking place, but unless it's in the absolute arse-end of nowhere I really can't imagine that ultracycling racers on that particular race are going to make any appreciable difference to the availability of accommodation. When Cycliste and I did TPBR we stayed in a hotel every night, and on absolutely no occasions were we sharing the hotel with another racer. OK, we weren't exactly at the pointy end of the field, but they wouldn't be in hotels anyway.

  • 800km commute. Not
    Bad. I suppose he’ll ride back home.

  • TPBR is semi-freeroute so less of an issue. Fixed route races means all racers will be in the same towns. Some key towns on the TABR route have one place to stay. It does have an impact whether you care to admit it or not and even if it has zero impact it's against the rules so you're a dick if you're booking services outside race time.

  • I swear I commented saying fuck bikingman, guess not. So fuck bikingman.

  • https://www.lfgss.com/comments/15118167/­

    What about bikingman? Oh, that Route du Diable thing is a bikingman event? I wonder how their sponsored rider will win this one? :P

  • True, for a fixed route ride I can see the logic. Very different scenario.

  • I don't think it is. There is indeed a Bikingman logo on the tracking site but the event has a different site https://www.bridoubikedudiable.fr/ and no metion on the bikingman website.

  • Yeah, that's not their website. Do they sponsor the tracker or something?

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