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  • TCR guys run one in Oct that's twice as long in out-and-back form with self-routing parts. Transiberica guys run it as one-direction, fixed route.

  • Should have watched before posting here :D looks like an awesome ride

  • Hi everyone, don't know if this link has been shared yet but thought you might want to keep track of races that may/may not be going ahead this year because of you-know-what.


  • DD won't go ahead.

  • Ta. Looks like it was a good year for me to cut back on racing.

    Filling the racing gaps with other trips, not so clever.

  • It's hard to see anything going ahead this year, other than events like IndyPac, which don't officially exist so don't have a means by which they could be cancelled. Some people might go through the motions and ride bits of routes, but most of us will have to just write the rest of the year off.

    I'm glad that I only started training 3 weeks ago, haven't spent as much time doing TCR route-planning as I had done this time last year, and didn't buy any flights or ferries for TCR.

  • Anyone have insider news on TCR?

  • It feels mad to choose to destroy your body for fun, all whilst jamming food into your mouth without washing your hands.

    But this all holds true without corona

  • The idea that cross border travel will be fluid in 4 months time is mad.
    No way.

  • route-planning

    Oh yeah, my only entered race is fixed route. Silver lining no route planning!

  • Nothing beyond the official statement so far unfortunately.

  • Have I missed something...? Don't recall seeing anything official?

  • email on 14/3

    COVID-19 - 14th March 2020

    Dear friends,

    At present we are continuing to plan for TCRNo8 and TPRNo2 to take place as advertised in 2020, we shall continue to monitor the situation and will follow governmental advice on international travel and sporting events applicable to both races.

    Our commitment to all stakeholders, riders, volunteers, race partners, friends, family and supporters is to organise, manage and stage both races and notify all stakeholders as soon as practicable of any updates or amendments. We shall be writing to all riders regarding any specific plans in April (TCRNo8) and May (TPRNo2).

    Our thoughts are with everyone affected, we hope that through working together and following the best advice available we can help limit the worst social, economic and health implications.

    Best wishes,


  • At present we are continuing to plan for TCRNo8 and TPRNo2 to take place as advertised in 2020

    Much as I applaud and admire optimists, that seems spectacularly short-sighted.

  • Yup. Cross border fluidity will be fucked for at least a few years.

    TPN might be okay? long shot. TCR no chance.

  • Thanks for this, never got it strangely.

  • ITI has been cancelled in the middle of the race.

    Safety Investigation

    As the result of a large storm surge in the Norton Sound that
    disrupted the sea ice and created flooding, combined with the closure
    of most villages to outsiders due to COVID-19 concerns, all athletes
    have been personally contacted and asked to shelter in place once they
    reach a checkpoint.

    The ITI team has been actively examining the safety of further travel
    and will release further details as the investigation unfolds.


    Storm Surge Impacts Trail Between Shaktoolik And Koyuk

    Today’s investigation revealed that last night’s winter storm caused
    water levels to surge 3 to 6 feet above the normal high tide line in
    the Norton Sound, depending on location. Those surges created cracks
    in the sea ice, pushed water on top of the ice through those cracks
    and broke shorefast ice loose on the coast. As a result, all routes
    over the Norton Bay from Shaktoolik to Koyuk are impassable due to
    open water or overflow and no consistent overland trails between the
    villages have been created this winter.

    Toni Lund and Jussi Karjalainen, who were both brought back to
    Shaktoolik last night by search and rescue personnel, were flown to
    Unalakleet this afternoon to await flights back to Anchorage with the
    other six athletes who have not yet crossed Norton Bay - George Adams,
    Graham Muir, Roberto Gazzoli, Willy Mulonia, Asbjørn Bruun and Beat



  • Crikey, thanks for that. Have updated DotWatcher's running commentary of cancellations.

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