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  • I don't think it's the way you're articulating yourself that's the problem. It's the unwarranted and ill-founded assumptions combined with copious virtue-signalling that's more of an issue.

  • virtue-signalling

    Is that something to do with heart rate sensors?

  • Not in the literal sense, no, but metaphorically, maybe.

  • For most small charities having someone make £4000 for them is a massive difference. I was a trustee and the treasurer for a charity and people doing sponsored events kept the charity going and providing the support it could. A lot of charities struggle and want any help they can get, we were over the moon when people raised £50!

  • A lot of charities struggle and want any help they can get, we were over the moon when people raised £50!

    Well, obviously anyone only managing £50 just isn't trying hard enough, especially as they're probably a privileged white male. Clearly they should have sold all their worldly possessions, lived like a hermit for a year, and then given all their income to the charity. Preferably by way of predictable instalments. Anything less and they may as well not have bothered.

  • Lewis C was the first finisher for the Vic Divide 550 (which he organises), Emma Flukes second.

    Plenty of riders still on the go: https://victoriadivide550-2020.maprogres­s.com/

    Bits of info:

  • Emma Flukes second.

    That's a bit harsh, I'm sure she trained for it.

  • Yeah, I thought I'd seen it on here. Couldn't be arsed scrolling. I also have too many podcasts on the go already

  • I enjoyed this waaaaaay to much.

    Melbourne seems to be the home of
    Fun cycling that I would enjoy now.

  • I think what you are saying is that everyone could do more. And of course that is true and however much people do, there is always more that could be done.

    I think what I am saying is that it is good if some people do a little.

  • That escalated quickly...

    Isn't it a valid question that "I ride many kms here and you donate money there" is a very random concept? No causality that I can see, yet we pretend there is some. Also, as @jaeyukdapbap pointed out, it might be a fairly inefficient way to raise funds. There needs to be no virtue signalling or ill-founded assumptions to ask what he/she asked. What is a bit out of line, however, is to attack the messenger and leave the topic untouched.

    I see that drawing attention to a cause will get more people exposed to the idea of donating to that cause. Hence more people are likely to actually donate. Sure. This could work alright if I was at the sharp end of the race. Then the earned spotlight could be directed at the cause I want. That's a model that might have some merit. But being mid pack and only harvesting the attention of people who know me already is hardly any good for raising funds.

    Maybe if I had some followers already and I got them interested in a personal challenge, then they might donate to the cause of my choice as a way of thanking me for carrying out the experiment that they wanted to see (e.g. going from a couch potato to a mid-pack finisher). I wouldn't really be interested in this, but maybe people are? No idea.

    What other models are there that help explain the superficially nonsensical "I'll do A and you donate money to Z"?


  • Isn't the entire concept of fund-raising really about raising awareness and leveraging attention to encourage a wider network to make donations? I only find it uncomfortable when it's misrepresented as the primary reason for undertaking something.

    My first TCR was a massive step into the unknown and a genuine challenge. I figured it would garner some interest and there was an opportunity to channel that into something positive beyond myself. It raised 15k for Cancer Research. It wasn't why I raced, it was just a bonus that could easily not have been.

    It's more difficult to generate fundraising interest since, as with experience the challenge is lesser and the story less inspiring. Done well it also takes a huge amount of work and doesn't really lend itself to racing at the sharp end. Instead I switched to working with CRUK to create events and to mentor other fundraisers.

  • I think this thread is getting derailed.

  • ^ This.
    The first time I rode to Paris by myself on returning one of the first questions was, who I raised money for and could they still donate.
    On my next ride to Rome I raised a fair amount of money for the local Air Ambulance.

  • List please!

  • Been there, done that ;0)

  • That looks great. In honesty I don't know that I could handle the climbing but I'm quite tempted to give it a go as it seems a little more doable than something like the TCR

  • It's an awesome ride.

  • Everyone packed really light. I guess you're rarely far from civilisation and places to kip in that case?

  • Depends how you define light. I didn't pack light. I had my full winter bivvy setup - waterproof Alpine bivvy, down top and bottom, sleep pad, etc. I was in it to tour though not smash myself as I had TCR shortly afterwards.

  • Well not everyone then :)

    Luckily entries are closed for 2020 so it gives me this year to lose some timber and a winter to avoid putting it back on. Planning for 2021 though.

    Oh wait - there's two versions of it. June is too soon though so same result

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