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  • didn't even bring shoes to a race


  • His videos of the TCR were OK. I don't think I've watched anything since, so his style may well have changed.

  • You're not even an esteemed bicycle builder, though.

    And what's wrong with riding barefoot if you want to get closer to nature?

  • @hippy - You probably have the e-mail anyway but just in case you didn't the route has been amended so need to re-load.

  • ha

    usless infulancers

  • Yeah, cheers, just saw that. I'm glad I didn't bother sending route to GPS yet..

  • It starts this weekend, no?
    When do you guys travel out?

  • Yeah, Sat night.

    I'm flying out tomorrow.

    Iberia still can't confirm my bike box is booked on my return flight. They've only had a month. Wankers.

  • Francis Cade was a good road rider before he took up YouTube

  • Flying with a bike is shit.
    Almost wish I'd got the train to Bulgaria. But just remembered that Eurostar is shit now.

  • Just ride it, easier.

  • That's the easy bit. I'm not even sure I can return from San Sebastian with the box because Iberia and Air Nostrum (and BA, the pricks that palm this stuff off to partner airlines) can't answer my questions about the box. If I knew it was going to be such a ball ache I'd have taken the train. I was trying to minimise my holiday time off though.

    I may still get to the finish and then just train back if they continue to be useless about it.
    Or, there's a 24hr ferry from somewhere nearby I think

  • san sebastian and bilbao for ferry

  • That was the advantage of tcr starting this side of Europe!

  • Santander I thnik.

    I was looking at them for Transiberica, which I've not yet sorted transport for.
    Maybe if I'm finished earlier I'll see if it's available but I have no idea how long this will take.

  • I'm kinda used to it with 2 years of TABR but with airlines messing me about my stress levels are high.

  • I'm still deciding how many days before Silk Road I fly. I think 5, maybe 6. Stress

  • indeed. amoug many more benefits

  • Logistics is a bigger stress than the race. Just burns time and money.

  • There's a couple of midweek sailings from Bilbao that might work. No idea how much late-booked tickets are likely to be or if they'll have room. Train is another option.

  • easyJet fly from Biarritz to Gatwick most days iirc.

  • I'm still deciding how many days before Silk Road I fly. I think 5, maybe 6. Stress

    As many as you can - take time to look around, get over jet lag, have little ride up some of the first climb, find a new bike if airline have lost it!

    For indypac I was trying to minimise days away so cut it fine but it was a mistake. Started the ride on no sleep. Another day would have been a big help. Having said that, 5 or 6 is a decent buffer.

    I should probably have got earlier flight to Burgas. Am going on the Wednesday, maybe should have done the Tuesday.
    Get to flat weds lunchtime
    Build bike up weds pm
    Shopping on thursday, maybe a short ride to test bike
    Registration on Friday.
    Should be ok.

  • Might be an option. I'm hoping I will be able to get more info once I arrive and can speak face to face but if I arrive earlier I might just see if I can jump on the ferry and sod the flights.

  • I'm usually cutting it fine but gave myself an extra day before the Trans Am. I still only arrived a day before registration (landed in Seattle the day before that and travelled to Astoria with another racer) but what a difference, being able to relax the day before a race.

    Aside from 3 pints of 8% silly juice with everybody's favourite #badinfluencer the night before, it was great start.

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