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  • that's really sad :(

    Potentially quite controversial but I feel if you want to be at the very top of the 'ultra' game then kids should really be a no no. The sheer time demands are so huge that it isn't fair to the kids or partner. There's plenty of room for a few events a year or whatever but the training load and time demands are just too much if you're looking to be the very best.

  • There are worse things that a parent can do - booze, drugs, crime, etc. But I probably agree that spending loads of time on your hobby , whether ultraracing or anything else, isn't a great basis for family life.

  • oh i agree - my own family life is well enough impacted by those things growing up (and still now...)

    But ultimately it doesn't matter too much to a child why they never see their dad (or mum). I think it is different once your kids are in their teenage years but yeah, that first decade or so is pretty important.

  • If one were to damage your rear mech, how likely is it you'll damage the thru axle thread on the hanger?

  • Interesting read.

  • Very interesting and thought provoking read. Thank you for sharing.


    The link above is Cracknell's debrief on his second LEJOG attempt in 2011; just a year after his brain injury. The attempt was pulled by the support crew at Golspie about 70 miles from the finish.

  • What was I doing with it? I know where it is. I still don't have a new bike but looking at it, the bridge is probably too skinny for me anyway. I clearly had a go at making it a bit wider but it likely wasn't enough room.

  • Passing it on to me if it was no good to you?

  • Gotcha. Can you get to Tottenham Court Road/Oxford St. during the day?

  • Yeah, is tomorrow lunch possible as I'm running a few errands and I'll have it for my weekend away :o)

  • It's possible but it relies on my memory, which ran low when I started drinking about 30 years ago. I've added it to my todo list.

  • Well there is a beer in it for you!
    Given the rep maybe Burgas is the best location. I’ll DM you my number

  • It's the beer that makes me stupid. About to crack open a Farmageddon IPA. I'll go try and find that thingie bob before I start.

    Got it.

  • http://drianwalker.com/toptobottom/

    aiming for the north to south across europe record

    6100km in less than 21 days, 14 hours and 23 minutes.

    walker is pretty fast, having won the North Cape last year.

    edit: unsupported, too.

  • It looks like he's doing a flatter route than the North Cape tarifa race, which makes sense if he's going for a time - should be pretty flat until he gets to the Pyrenees.
    Don't know him but seems a good bloke and does interesting work on stuff like blonde wigs Vs helmets.
    Hope he gets the record!

  • Interesting!

    The NCT race route is not really comparable to the record attemtpts, because it chooses the backroads, gravel and big climbs. And ferry between Finland and Estonia instead of riding via Russia. And it 1000 km longer. It would be exciting to have the race on a potential continent crossing record route, but in practice it would mean big, busy roads, instead of the adventure it was. But still, Steffen rode that in 21 days.

    I met Ian in Meteora, nice guy. Good luck to him.

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