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  • Race Across Italy. This will be the third year for Race Across Italy. The race was started in 2013 by Tony Lonero, an ex-pat American living in Nettuno. Lonero, a former professional baseball player, is an avid cyclist. The trans-peninsular event will start in Silvi on the Adriatic Sea, cross the peninsula just south of Rome to Nettuno on the Tyyrennian Sea, and return via a different route to Silvi. The 810 k (500 mi) course features 11,000 m (36,000 ft) of climbing.

    The inaugural event was won by RAAM vets Christoph Strasser (Austria) and Daniela Genovesi (Brazil). The 2014 event was won by Marcello Luca (Italy) and Laura Messina (Italy). The 2015 race field will have participants from 10 countries and at least a half-dozen RAAM vets. The event is open to solo, 2 and 4-person teams. This is an event not to be missed. If you can't make it to the event, follow it on Tractalis.

    Ultracycling Dolomitica. This will be the second year for Dolomitica. The race starts and finishes in Cordignano, a small town roughly an hour north of Venice at the foot of the Dolomites. At 590 km (366 mi) Dolomitica is the shortest RAAM Qualifier, but don't be misled. Dolomitica is extremely challenging - racers will climb 16 passes wth a quad-burning 16,000 m (52,500 ft) of climbing. Dolomitica has more climbing in m/k (ft/mi) than any other RAAM Qualifier.
    Last year's overall winner was Ralph Diseviscourt (Luxembourg) and the top female finisher was RAAM vet Daniela Genovesi (Brazil). The race is open to solo, 2 and 4-person teams.

    Most encouraging, these events are part of the newly organized Ultracycling Italy Championship (UIC).

  • Sounds like there might be a screening of Inspired to Ride in Sheffield at the beginning of June, will post more details if it's confirmed. Should be able to ride over from Manchester for it.

  • Was there or is there going to be a London screening?

  • No idea, they have the screening package listed in the store if you can convince someone/somewhere to run one... http://www.inspiredtoride.it/store/

  • This year will mark the 12th year for the Melfar 24 - arguably Europe's top ultra time trial. The event features 12 and 24-hour races. Solos and teams participate. There is a non-drafting RAAM Qualifier division.

    The event takes place on Funen, the 3rd largest of Denmark's Islands, with the start/finish in Strib, a small village on the Little Belt, the waterway that separates Funen from the Jutland peninsula. The course utilizes three loops: 1) the "day loop" (55.6km with 371m of climbing per loop); 2) the "night loop" (14.6km with 85m of climbing per loop); and 3) the "finish loop" (2.9km with 22m of climbing per loop). Most of the course lies between the E20 motorway and the Baring Vig. The course is characterized by low traffic roads in very gently rolling farmland.

    In 2010, the 2-person team Biking Vikings (Hans Nygaard and Frederik Lassen) became the first Danes to enter RAAM and they won their division. In 2012 Anders Tesgaard became the first solo finisher from Denmark. There were 3 Danish solo entries that year. In 2013 the flood gates opened - the "Danish Invasion" was underway. There were two 2-person teams from Denmark. The Biking Vikings were back (this time Nygaard teamed with Karsten Hoffmann) and again were the top 2-person team. In addition, there were three solo racers. In 2014 Denmark sent 14 racers to RAAM - one 4-person and one 2-person team and four solo racers, as well as one solo RAW racer. There are 6 Danes signed up for 2015 RAAM - one 2-person team and 4 solo racers - and 2 signed up for RAW, including the first Danish female, Eva Synnestvedt Hansen.

    Melfar has played an important role in the development of ultra racing in Northern Europe. There are over 250 racers registered for the 2015 Melfar 24 - 33 are racing in the RQ division. That includes 5 RAAM veterans and two aspiring RAAM racers who have their sights set on 2016 RAAM.

    The Melfar 24 is operated by the Baghjulet Bicycle Club - with over 450 members it is one of the largest clubs in Denmark. Baghjulet means "rear wheel". Race Director, Leo Jensen does an outstanding job. RAAM President/CEO Fred Boethling attended the Melfar 24 and told us, "Everyone was extremely cordial. Jensen took time out of a very busy schedule to discuss the event. Club members Kaj and Helle Stougard were wonderful. Beautiful area. Great event. I highly recommend it."


  • Inspired to ride screenings
    3rd June - Sheffield: https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/date/EJMG­EG
    8th June - Bristol: http://www.watershed.co.uk/whatson/6601/­inspired-to-ride
    12th June - Edinburgh: http://www.inspiredtoride.it/event/edinb­urgh-festival-of-cycling/

    Mike Hall will be at the Bristol showing and Juliana Buhring at the Edinburgh screening.

  • Ive messaged Whirled Cinema at Loughborough Junction asking if they could show it- if others do the same then maybe they will?

  • Ooh might check that out when its in town.

  • Short piece from Jesse Carlsson on his upcoming TransAm effort https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ey8yjz0_­3Lo

    Packing incredibly light, riding hard and eating plenty of omelette seems to be the plan!

  • When money isn't an object.

    It's all personal preference though huh. I reckon some luxuries and you'll be able to ride harder and longer. Think going ultra minimal is a losing game.

  • Guess we'll find out. I wouldn't be using a boutique saddle that you have zero chance of finding a replacement for.

  • Mike Hall's dots-to-watch for TransAm: http://normallyaspiratedhuman.com/?p=148­2

    Enjoyed watching the Highland Trail dots last week and while I don't think this will necessarily get the same commentary, should still be good to follow!

    @skinny my comment was more about the sleeping kit/clothing, ignoring the bike and risky-sounding-but-no-doubt-tested... ultralight carbon stuff. I don't think the cuben eVent jacket/emergency bivvy etc. are any more/less expensive than than any other "lightweight" options but I think carrying 200g more and have something considerably more breathable would cope better and be a whole lot more comfortable...!

  • Yeah, on the same wavelength.

    I think I know what I'd want. People keep talking about weight and yes it's important as it will make a difference. But less so than making sure your body is running as well as it can. Mike hall has never been one to pack super light. I believe his words were not the lightest but competitive.

  • Adrian O was the bloke I met on the Beast 600 test ride. Nice guy. I'll be stalking his dot during this and now I'm keen to see how this Aussie goes too.

  • It's got to be a tricky compromise. The difference could be down to conditions during the race - the guy who packs ultralight in good conditions might be fine. But if the conditions turn sour, the lack of warmth or some other kit choice might be enough to halt progress.

    I like all the different approaches to this kind of thing. I can see bikepacking races in my future...

  • Hit the nail.
    It's all about conditions. As example, when I was away 1 day was really nice, but the night was clear and it was around 0 deg all night. Combine that with being tired and it's a bad mixture.

    Personal choice and preference really.

    When I was away I met a 60 & 67 year old guy riding 140miles a day from Lisbon to Poland (their home), he'd also done RAAM in the previous few years.

    You should. I cant see interest in PBP or such now. Riding in a group for a fast time between support controls. If it's not unsupported ultra racing it's not right.

  • Yeah, when you're hungry, temp control goes away and it can be very hard to keep warm.

    Experience will dictate what you think you can get away with. I wear/carry more and more these days (but still not enough it seems).

    More and more tempted by the TransAm but we'll see how I go on PBP this year. Not sure I'm ready to swap my TTing for a career in solo adventure racing just yet :)

  • Went to the Inspired to Ride screening last night, it did what the title said! Well worth a watch if you get chance.

    Some more screenings announced in the last week as well... Wirksworth (Derbyshire) on the 15th and 16th, Huntly (Scotland) on the 16th too, London a possibility on the 22nd July

  • Cool. Hopefully someone can pick a decent venue. I might even make the screening - it's just after the 24hr so I'll probably not be too inspired to ride but I'd like to see it anyway :)

  • TransAm kicking off in less than a day now.. I think.. fuckingtimezoneswhatisthatallaboutthen..­.

  • Jesse leading, Adrian 6th after about 100mi. Only another 4000 odd to go...

  • Adrian's up front, 300 miles done, 2 hours stopped time...

    Looks like Jesse is having a nap that or he's gone and enabled a cloaking device...

    Less cheery news, Marcus Muller was hit by a car a few hours before the start https://twitter.com/bemme51, fractured left ankle, think he'd planned to do TCR again as well.

  • Yep just checked results board. Go vAdrian!

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