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  • Not a fish thing but Chip Spice is amazeballs.

    About the only thing that was good about living in Hull.

    Not actually American but that was what it was called.

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  • best f&c in my part of town is ARK restaurant/ take away on Hermon Hill. A bit pricy but great quality / service. Sit down pre covid was always heaving, with plenty of loyal customers. Menu includes basic battered cod, chips and mushy peas, also jellied eels, oysters, lobster, as well as champagne catering for the local affluents residing in the Royal Borough of Wanstead.

  • Absolute dirt a pizza crunch is.


    this madness popped up on my suggested feed on youtube tonight.

  • I had fish & chips for tea on Friday night, a calamari pack, six large breaded squid rings (Tho' I think it's actually cuttlefish) from Seafood Town in Woody Point, QLD... Best chippy on the peninsh, always a queue out the door...

    A lot of fish and chip shops here have fresh fish for sale as well...

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  • Aussies and Kiwis have got fish and chips/fush and chups absolutely nailed.

    Best I ever had was Paihia in the bay of islands.

    My big issue with takeaway f and c is that as soon as you wrap it in paper, you ruin some of the crispness of the batter/spuds. For me, it needs to be served on a plate. Big cup of tea. Mushy peas. White bread and butter. If you’re in the U.K., nowhere does it better than Yorkshire.

  • Over here it's served in an open paper tray then that's slipped into a paper bag, crisp batter and chips intact! Fish and chips is really good here...

  • Funny he came up on mine too. I couldn't stand the guy TBH

  • Tried skate and chips yesterday (ray and fries, if you’re American). Annoying af to eat but enjoyed the mild, walnutty taste. Chips were no where near as good as Ken’s in Herne Hill.

  • Mmm, Ken's... Please stop...

  • I was absolutely baffled when I moved to the uk from nz and found the majority of the f&c shops pre-cook and the chips just sit getting soggy in a warmer. Enjoyed the cod though.
    Melbourne, while generally being a superior aussie town, has absolutely crap f&cs. Just terrible fish down there.

  • To an extent fish and chips chips are supposed to be a touch soggy but I totally agree with the sentiment. Chippy chips are unusual in global chip terms and lots of chip shops don't take enough care with them.

  • The while British fish and chips thing is a bit weird if you think about it given the textures involved. Other countries do chips and battered fish better. Quite an acquired taste if you haven't grown up with it.

  • It’s absolute nonsense, I watched that video but it sounds like a pure parody of Max and paddy 😂

  • This is how Europeans see the British.

    1,2,3 pit pony, go on Rob!

  • nowhere does it better than Yorkshire.


    London is so shit for fish and chips, usually the best part of 15 quid for fish, chips, mushy peas and crushing disappointment (no scraps either)

    I've given up even bothering there's so many better options here. I am more than happy to be proved wrong though so if anyone knows of anywhere decent near the E7/E11 border I'll give it a go (then write a terrible review here when I'm disappointed once more)

  • If you like Ken’s, try Fish Lounge at the bottom of Brixton Hill... the perfect halfway house between Ken’s somewhat greasy fare and Olley’s not-quite-greasy enough. Gus the owner is a top bloke and prices are good 👍

  • happy national fish and chip day everyone

    might make the trip to the golden union on poland street at some point today, still my fave london chippy

    nyom nyom

  • nyom nyom

    Give your head a wobble

  • national fish and chip day

    Sounds like some flag shagging government BS

  • This weekend I had fish and chips in Essex. At Maldon prom.

    How can you fuck up peas so bad?

  • Not exactly fish 'n' chips but you should have gone to the Maldon Smokehouse!

  • Lunch with...
    Jonathan Meades: ‘If I’d been in England, I’d be dead’

  • Any recommendations for Whitstable and/or Herne Bay?

  • Is Kennedy’s of Goswell Rd still going? That was the only place I ever had decent fish and chips in London (about three times a week before I realised I was slowly killing myself and bought a bike).

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Best Fish & Chips

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