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  • Oh I don’t know, not noticed a chipper on Rose street if I’m honest

    But that has reminded me about the cafe in Leith that offers an Irn Bru pie

  • Not a chipper, a bakers/pie shop

  • Actually it's not on Rose Street it's Chapel Street. The Ross Bakery

  • Is this the one on the row of shops towards Blackheath Standard, or another?

  • I can't remember the last time I had fish & chips, fancy some now! Used to live just round the corner from The Golden Chippy too!

    Over in East Greenwich now so will have to go out for a look.

  • I was pretty happy to discover that my local chippy on West Green Rd (Tottenham) is actually surprisingly good. Fish is always done fresh with good batter which means a little wait but I'm fine with that.

    The curry sauce isn't quite there which is a shame, gravy is OK.

  • This is what the golden Chippy does too. All fish to order. I just ring them up 15 minutes before I'll get there. Game changer.

  • That is a handy tip. Are you talking about Greedy Fish & Chips, next to Black Boy Lane?

  • I am. It's not amazing but it's definitely a cut above your average.

  • Yeah, Old Dover Road, end of the row of shops just past the fruit & veg shop, opposite the library.

    The Golden Chippy is at the wrong end of the heath from me but I seem to recall popping in some years ago, possibly on the way to/from the Richard. :)

  • Give the Golden Chippy a go if you haven't.

    I went once about ten years back after we moved SE. It was dreadful, I vowed never again. Then Brockley’s Rock opened, near Hilly Fields, it’s cracking. Tables too (until the plandemic).

    Am into trying Levante though, I’ve been eyeballing it on my way past, we live right near Meze Mangal and hardly ever go (way too salty).

  • Am into trying Levante though, I’ve been eyeballing it on my way past, we live right near Meze Mangal and hardly ever go (way too salty).

    You might find Levante too salty too tbh I'm afraid. The meat is always on the salty side. I like it personally but horses for courses and all that.

  • Is Faulkner's still any good?

    Masters Super Fry on Waterloo bridge road still doing the plate of 3 free prawns with bread when dining in is a nice touch, favourite of black cab drivers though so ambiance not always great.

  • Masters Superfish was always my fave. Cups of tea were spot on too.

  • Tannin-tastic tea!

  • Is this Levante restaurant rather than Levante pide? They’re down the road from each other and don’t want to go to the wrong one! I’ve also heard from friends who’ve been recently that Golden Chippy is past its prime and riding on past fame, so am slightly surprised to hear the strong recommendations here! Last I’ve been to Masters the fish was soggy and that fair put me off, their massive portions notwithstanding..

  • Same owners. Both excellent just a different vibe. I personally don't think you can go wrong.

    As for Golden Chippy recommendations, fish and chip shop opinions are so subjective and timing specific that you always hear dissenting views.

    Take Aldeburgh fish and chips for example. Two shops 200m apart. Same owners, same staff (shifts switch between shops), same fish, same batter, same fryers, same technique, same prices and same menu items. The locals swear blind one shop is significantly better than the other.

    Personally I just think the fish and chip quality is partly down to timing and how freshly out of the fryer your food is and that means that there will always be variation unless you order fresh each time and people are quick to point to slipping standards.

  • As for Aldeburgh, above average but not as sensational as folklore claims. And as for differences between the two shops, there are none despite what people like to think.

  • Masters Superfish

    the best.
    if it's full of taxi drivers you know it's good.

  • I’ve always preferred the chippy closer to shingle street in aldeburgh. Munched through an excellent bag of chips and piece of fish huddled in a ally out of the wind a week or so back.

    The one in southwold near the lord nelson also great

  • The one in southwold near the lord nelson also great

    We had one of our best ever fish and chip experiences there. That was partly the weather and location though. We munched our food overlooking the sea during a storm. A stunning view can really take your chips up a notch!

  • This thread needs a map.

    Y'know, so I can pop out on the bike, pick up a part from one of you lovely wankers, and then find a chippy on the way home.

  • Just had Cod and chips at the Standard Fish Bar to see how it compares to the Golden Chippy.

    In summary, definitely above average. Chips were excellent and fish was good. Cod was well cooked with crispy batter but the quality of the fish is not in the same league as the Golden Chippy. Just wasn't as creamy and flaky. Not even close. However, 2x Cod and chips came to £14 as compared to the Golden Chippy where it's closer to £20 so it's significantly better value.

    Only one notable negative. It was greasy as fuck. Soaked through the chip paper into our laps. You don't get excess grease at the golden chippy. When you've eaten your chips, the paper is almost unstained.

    So yeah. Good lunch but not good enough to stop the Golden Chippy being our favourite. If the chips were less greasy, I'd probably prefer the Standard chips.

  • Pizza crunch. Used to get mine from Pizza Crolla on Buchanan Street

  • I remember that place! Yeah.

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Best Fish & Chips

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