Warning! - Home Delivery Network and or Yodel - Do not use!

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  • Hermes, what a shambles. Seller sent stuff next day last Thursday but that effectively meant Friday as it was dropped off after midday. Friday collection was at 15:00, after midday, so could be delivered Saturday but it wasn’t, nor was it Sunday Monday or Tuesday (today)
    App shows it has been collected but no update since Friday.
    Found a way to get it looked into via customer services and have an email from them but still no change to the app, nor any sign of the parcel. I’m out for the next two days so I suspect I’ll miss it.
    I wanted the stuff for work tomorrow.

  • Just here to have a rant, Yodel have lost a n ebay purchase. I'll get my money back, that's fine. Thing is it was a fucking green Brooks b17. Zero chance of finding another for sale innit. I'm kinda annoyed at the seller for trusting Yodel with it.

  • As soon as I see they've used hermes/evry or yodel I just start the missing package claim process immediately*

    *Jokes and kind of not jokes. In 10 years probably had 30 out of 50 items been 'lost' or were significantly damaged or delayed by ridiculous amounts of time.

  • DHL really fucked up a delivery recently on a cake I ordered for my dad's memorial service. As it was on a Saturday I requested a Friday delivery to my mum's house with the bakery, who duly made the cake and gave it to the courier on Thursday. Friday comes around and I check the tracking only to see 'unexpected delay, we will deliver next working day'. I was already pretty annoyed that it was gonna be missing from the spread but we had loads of cakes anyway, so I thought at least maybe we could all get a slice before going home Monday.
    Monday there's still no sign of it and we have to leave, so I make a note to complain to someone when I get back. My mum messaged me the next day to say they'd turned up, left the box in the rain outside the door and left when she was out shopping, so the cake was totally ruined anyway. It had an instruction on the label to leave it with her neighbour if she wasn't in but that didn't happen. Luckily the bakery was very honest and upset about the whole thing so promptly refunded me when I sent pictures of how my mum found it.

  • Not as shit as that ^ but evri have lost a wiggle package without acknowledging they've lost it.
    Wiggles customer service response was to refund me the £3 postage. Nice one.

  • according to the CAB - https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/consum­er/somethings-gone-wrong-with-a-purchase­/if-something-you-ordered-hasnt-been-del­ivered/

    If you bought something from a business to be delivered, it’s the seller’s responsibility to make sure the item is delivered to you.

    If the seller used a courier, they should chase the courier to find out what’s happened to your order - it’s not your responsibility.

    what's their excuse for not offering redelivery or a refund?

  • what's their excuse for not offering redelivery or a refund?

    They're following up with evri and that I must be patient

  • Jesus the state of Evri's customer service...
    Is the whole company run by the chatbot on the website?

  • That's just straight-up bullshit: they contracted with the courier, not you.

    But you already know that and I expect they do to and DGAF.

  • Probably.

    0330 8085456

  • ….and, Evri*
    Rapha stuff delivered for present today
    But it wasn’t
    No picture taken and apparently dropped off 15 mins before another, separate delivery by them which did arrive
    Lying clunts
    *Hermes. Different name, same shit, we see you

  • Have courier services been overwhelmed by people switching from Royal Mail because of strikes? Have a variety of eBay and other purchases in limbo for a week

  • It may depend where you are. They seem to be running really well around my way.

  • Ahh that’s exactly the message my Evri parcel has had since 30/11 but I managed to get a record via Royal Mail next day around the same time. Wife waiting for Royal Mail parcel posted 20/11 still.

  • I've only ever had one or two problems with Evri/Hermes or DPD. But in the last 2 weeks I had a Tesco driver claiming to have left a card to say they tried to deliver (to their credit Tesco gave me £15 to say sorry) and today a 'proof of delivery' photo from Royal Mail that only proves the door the postie was at was not mine. Then again, apart from Tesco, which was my first and last ever online order from them, the Royal Mail have delivered hundreds of things here over the years without issue.

  • Since I know you'll all have been worried sick, whichever neighbour got my package has just posted it through the letterbox.

  • Takes months. I sent two frames up to m_v and thank fuck I used parcel2go, who handled all the insurance and chasing of evri for me when they lost them. They drag everything out for as long as possible.

    I don’t think evri ever even responded to them.

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Warning! - Home Delivery Network and or Yodel - Do not use!

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