Warning! - Home Delivery Network and or Yodel - Do not use!

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  • anyone knows how to file a complaint to MyHermes? Sent a parcel more than a month ago, that was stuck in the national sorting hub.

    Their phone line, complaints number and webchat are completely useless.

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    One of those cases where it is unlikely to be worth the effort pursuing a complaint.

    Let it be a lesson to you to use a decent courier.

  • I had to threaten them with trashing their name over every hifi forum I knew and posting their lazy arsed correspondence, before I got a refund on a double boxed amp I posted. They said their engineers would have to look at it, I said what do they know about class D amps? I think combined with the other threat it was point taken. I try to use UPS now.

  • I sent a bike frame with MyHermes. They delivered it and then a month later via ebay they charged me an additional £10 because apparently it was 124cm, when maximum length is 120cm. When I measured it packed, it was 118cm in every which way.

    It went through as automatically/previously authorised so I had to take on the chin never to use them ever again.

  • Mostly this.

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  • I sent off a client's Surface Pro for a warranty replacement. UPS delivered the replacement to A.N.Other house on my street, and then couldn't find it.

    It took about a month before my client got his replacement. But he got it in the end.

  • Fuuuuuuu.....

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  • Our two Hermes delivery drivers are awesome. Really attentive despite their insane workloads.

    I'm helping one of them do an ITIL
    foundation qualification in his/my spare time. He is so desperate to get away from Hermes. Spend his life away from his children for very little reward.

  • Hermes guys are beating Yodel at the moment. All their deliveries are arriving within time slots. Last few Yodel’s have been lucky to arrive within two days after the “out for delivery”.

    Another Yodel classic, ordered on the 2nd. Seller was a bit slack, and even then Yodel seems to have lost it for 3 days en route to the depot.

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  • Aaaaaaand it was on the doorstep when I got back

  • Been having a mare with them as well. Attempted delivery on the 30/12. Literally lol'd as I see driver pull up, then drive off. 'Premises closed' as reason. We weren't.
    Re delivery slated for the 2nd. I told them to push it to 3rd as store was closed Most of 2nd. They delivered it at 10.37am. Store didn't open till 12pm. Go figure.

  • @Stonehedge @pdlouche yeah I’m taking back my blasting Hermes. It now seems to be the same guy making all their deliveries to my flat and he’s sound. Turns up within the tine slot and has some decent patter, canny fault him.

  • I work as a multi drop bike courier, the company I work for mostly delivers things for DHL but we've recently started delivering Yodel as well. I really don't know how anyone makes any money from it. Up here in Leeds they pay something pathetic like £1.65 per drop and you don't get paid anything if you don't manage to deliver the package. Even on a cargo bike, covering just the city centre, you'll probably average 10 stops per hour. In a van I can imagine you'd average less than that. Even if you manage to successfully deliver 10, or even 15 packages an hour, I don't understand how you can make enough money to cover your living expenses on top of the expense of keeping a van running. I totally get why people who work for Yodel or other similar companies are more concerned about getting the job done as fast as possible rather than as well as possible. It's massively frustrating when a Yodel driver chucks your package over a fence or in a bin on bin day but I don't really blame them.

  • today

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  • This photo feels like serious deja-vu. Has it happened to you before? Or just to everyone with a similar tree out front?

    Our local Hermes guy is cool.

  • Yeah a few months ago. 650c trispoke for sir that time, Dune shoes for madam today.

    Lucky my garden is such a mess that no-one looks in it

  • Such a good tree.

  • Should probably give the tree a thank-you card made of fertiliser or something

  • It's one of these in case you were interested.


    It's a good job it is overgrown otherwise where would Hermes put all our deliveries?

  • Does anybody know if it's possible to specify a delivery time with MyHermes? Ordered something to the office that they attempted delivery on Saturday and failed because the building is closed. Just received the text to say they are going to re-attempt today between 17:00 and 19:00 but good chance if it's the back end of that they will fail again.

  • If you put the tracking number in to their website it should give you option for redelivery, a timed slot might be an option in the extra costs section, failing that change the delivery date to tomorrow and keep fingers crossed that it'll be earlier on the route

  • Can't find anything like that, can only ask for it to be left in a safe place or delivered to a neighbour. Oh well, will hope that it's on the early end and stick around a bit later if I need to today.

    Thinking about it, I didn't actually receive any kind of notification that it was out for delivery on Saturday and wasn't told about the delivery slot that it was meant to be in.

  • Fucking jokers.

    Maybe train your guys to ring doorbells?

  • Major-ish online store (Made.com I don’t like them, but Mrs c00ps yada, yada, yada...) arranged Yodel to collect a small item for return back in Feb. Not refunded. So I disputed this some weeks ago. Seller only now, after much back and forth, reveals Yodel said package not collected (with tracking info) - I handed the Yodel cunt the thing myself and signed his handheld scanner thing. Do I have any recourse?

  • DPD here has a "live delivery tracker". Except the van is never there when it says it is. I called to ask and the woman eventually admitted it's a simulation based on where they expect the driver will be and it's calculated at 6am when the deliveries are decided.

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Warning! - Home Delivery Network and or Yodel - Do not use!

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