2011-09-20 - Rider Down, Vauxhall Cross

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  • and apparanlty caroline is a bloke.

    i can confirm she is not.

  • Note the report quotes posts from here.

    farken journalists are hopeless these days. Not to question the impeccable standards of lfgss but WTF are they teaching these kids at journalism school. These journalists are now no more than glorified bloggers. It is not in anyone's interest to publish unverified/unverifiable information hoovered up from twitter and internet forums to pad out a story, and could be potentially be very upsetting for those close to the people involved.

  • As you maybe able to guess from the user name we are Richard's family and we would like to thank you for your kind thoughts, Richard is doing better than first thought, he was in surgery for 7 hours to help fix his leg doctor, still concerned about circulation in his leg, it's gonna be a long road to recovery. Please take extra care on the roads.

  • All the best wishes to you all and of course to Richard especially. It sounds like very serious injuries. It is good to hear that Richard got medical attention so quickly, and here' s hoping that the doctors succeed.

    Vauxhall Cross is simply one of the worst junctions in London, partly owing to TfL's reluctance to redesign it radically. The last redesign didn't go anywhere near far enough.

  • Wishing Richard & family all the very best.
    Be strong and of good courage!
    I appreciate there'll be many months of pain and hardship.
    GWS Richard!

  • yep, wishing Richard all the best, thinking of him and his family

  • @straightedge - glad to hear his family is with him. (AND that they are on here!) man, I do have to learn to go to the last post before typing! fingers crossed for richard & family...

  • Best wishes for Richard.
    Good to hear he's got family raleighing around him at what must be a tough time.

  • Best wishes to Richard and his family, please come to London Calling this weekend,the LCEF will do all it can to aid Richard's rehabilitation and help him to cope on the long road to recovery.
    We are all thinking of you mate.

  • Heal Fast.

  • Best wishes to Richard.

  • my thoughts are with both riders and their families.

    here's hoping and praying for a full recovery for both.

  • Heal fast to both guys involved in yesterdays accidents, nothing worse than seeing it happen, can give you a bit of a shake. Hope you recover fully chaps.

  • http://lcef.wordpress.com/

    Fingers crossed for a full recovery.

  • @Richards Family.. thank you for taking the time to post in what is obviously a very tough time for you.. Please do keep us updated on Richards recovery and of course please, please let him know that the cycling community are thinking of him and you.

  • +1 too all the best wishes.

    Heal well and fast.

  • Glad to hear the prognosis is better than first thought, best wishes to Richard and his family

  • The LCEF's big 'summer' fundraiser is this weekend so if you did want to offer the fund some support in the form of your good selves and your hard-earned then come along to The Macbeth in Hoxton on Friday, we'll be bringing hoodies, T's and hats along to sell at street prices - all welcome.

    Our thoughts are with Richard, who had a lucky escape, considering.

  • ^ like wot OD said

  • Link not working matey.

    London's Calling thread


  • Richard just called me from ICU at Kings, sounds amazingly amazing considering ;)

  • ^ hard bastard.

  • Roger that

  • ^ hard bastard.


  • Oh they took him to Kings
    I was looking for him here.

    Heal up mate, good luck with the recovery.
    Push it with the physio.

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2011-09-20 - Rider Down, Vauxhall Cross

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