2011-09-20 - Rider Down, Vauxhall Cross

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  • Report from a colleague who travels via Vauxhall cross that a cyclist is down and badly injured. Closed roads PoPo and ambulance in attendance..

  • i fucking hate that junction...

    i had a bad motorbike accident there in 2006.

  • was just about to post this - saw it coming in...

    hope you're allright fella.

  • but used the crappy bike lane that goes through the underpass as I don't think Vauxhall Cross is safe enough to cycle round at peak traffic. Too many people gunning for orange lights and changing lanes at the last minute.

    I saw the person in question, near the lights leading on to Vauxhall Bridge, covered in red blanket, face down, being looked at by Ambo guys. Gut feeling was that it looked very bad to be honest - fingers crossed for a positive result.

  • saw this from the train (a suit excuse).. loads of police.

    fingers crossed for whoever is involved.

  • Twitter claiming HGV involved LBC radio says rider is critically injured

  • Fuck.
    Fingers crossed for the rider.

  • Shit. Vauxhall cross is sketchy enough in low traffic, fingers crossed they pull through

  • Saw this from the train into Waterloo too (at about 08.30) - police car blocking / dirverting traffic in that lane and a fair number of cyclists looking on from the opposite pavement. Didn't see a cyclist or a bike but police were looking underneath the front wheels of the HGV.

    Fingers crossed.

  • One of my couriers Im afraid 201 Richard currently at KCH


  • Good luck to him.

    Everybody: support the LCEF http://lcef.wordpress.com/

  • best wishes for his recovery.....

  • Will update as and when, thanks guys

  • everyone, buy a hat today.

  • hat.. I'm buying a hoodie.

  • I'll be dropping into Full City on my way home for sure

  • Junction was still cordoned off at 8.30 with police sweeping up fragments of something and taking photos.

    It is a horrid gyratory at any time with too much speeding to catch lights etc.

    Will keep fingers crossed that it's not as bad as it sounds...

  • Terrible news, hope a decent recovery is made.

  • Good luck to him.
    Everybody: support the LCEF http://lcef.wordpress.com/

    This ^^^^

    Fingers crossed for a full recovery.

  • what he said

    fingers crossed!

  • Saw this as well. He seemed to be talking to medics when I passed, hope he's ok.
    That junction is horrible. The fact that the bike lane under the underpass ends and you're in 4 lanes of buses is totally ridiculous.

  • healing thoughts go your way richard

  • Yes^ hope you get through this.

    Gyratories can >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Ditto LCEF support.

  • shit news...

    Heal up!

  • Where is the online shop? I wanna support

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2011-09-20 - Rider Down, Vauxhall Cross

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