Road World Championship, Copenhagen, 19th-25th September

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    20 September
    14h00-17h10 Time trial Elite Women, 27,8 km (2x13,9 km)

    21 September
    12h30-17h05 Time trial Elite Men, 46,4 km (2x23,2 km)

    24 September
    13h30-17h15 Road race Elite Women, 140 km (10 x 14km)

    25 September
    10h00-17h05 Road race Elite Men, 266 km (17 x 14km + 28 km, from start in Copenhagen town center)

    (All times in CET)

    So, is anyone going to this?

    I'm leaving for Copenhagen tonight, mainly for the Copenhagen Bike Polo Open, but also to see some of the races.

    If anyone is going to be out there, let me know, and between the racing come down and give London (me), some support at the polo.

    I'm going to be watching the Men's time trial tomorrrow, as it's all in central Copenhagen, and I'm going to try and watch the start of the road race (the main loop is a bit outside the city)

    I guess the road race is a great chace for Cav, as it's so flat, and hopefully between Wiggins and Millar we have a good chance for the Time Trial.

  • watch it online here (channel 6 = English)

    Marianne Vos is going to win the women's TT this afternoon I guess, men's TT will go to either Tony Martin or Fabian Cancellara don't you think?

  • Dutch blinkers are on then, Peter? :-)

    Vos is an amazing rider but time trialling is not her forte. My money's on Judith Arndt, she's clearly in great form.

  • My money is on the organisers to fuck something up. It's been looking quite unorganised so far. I'm looking forward to the road race on sunday and will probably stop by the polocourts thursday or friday...

  • Workmate just made a bet with me that Britain will top Aus in the medal tally.

  • Bronze, after crashing.

  • Workmate just made a bet with me that Britain will top Aus in the medal tally.

    Can I have some of that action?

    It'll be like robbing sweets off a kid!

  • Bronze, after crashing.

    It was a rubbish crash too.

    3/10. Must be more spectacular.

  • Is Eurosport covering this?

  • Yes. I saw some of the U23 race yesterday, including Hepburn's rubbish crash.

  • Sweet. Hopefully it has been recorded.
    To come in 3rd after crashing has to be bitter sweet. He must've been flying, poor bugger.

  • The dotted World Champion blanket is awesome...

  • Let's keep a running total on hippy's bet:

    Australia 4 (2 Golds, 2 Bronze)
    GB 1 (1 Silver)

  • I think you're going to be right on the ladies tt andy, and this Judith has a beautiful style as well, looks very good on the bike

  • is there a results/live feed ticker anywhere?


  • Australia 4 (2 Golds, 2 Bronze)
    GB 1 (1 Silver, 1 bronze)

  • Good to see the IT geek has a clear mastery of basic arithmetic.

  • I had someone else work it out for me. Is it right?

  • You called that one Andy!

    I found this quite impressive

    Canada's Clara Hughes, a silver medallist at this event in 1995 who embarked on a successful speed skating career before returning to cycling, held the fastest time for most of the day.

  • Elite TT Today! My guess is that Tony Martin will beat Spartacus by a narrow margin. And of course I hope Stef Clement and/or Lieuwe Westra will make it to the top 10, but with Wiggins, Phinney, Millar and whathaveyou (how about Svein Tuft) chances are slim

  • Cancellara has disappointed in big time trials this season, and Martin has beaten him in all of them too so I think you're right on the winner, Peter.

    Obligatory mention of Richie Porte to keep hippy happy, but I'd be surprised if Australia increase their lead in the all important medal table today, in fact Team GB may close the gap.

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Road World Championship, Copenhagen, 19th-25th September

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