Anyone in belfast

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  • Anyone got a box end wrench?

    Got a fixed cup that is refusing to budge with the tools I've got. It's currently marinating in wd-40 before I attack it again. Failing that it'll have to be the Sheldon bolt method

  • try joe henry, he's got a workshop just recently opened above katy dalys

  • Nice one. Going to try the Sheldon bolt method and failing that I'll be off to the shop

  • ^ sheldon bolt method is pretty sound. It's all about the leverage

  • Hopefully it will do the trick. 2 days of wd-40, the Sheldon bolt and a 12" wrench should get it moving

  • Didnt even budge. Looks like it's off to the bike shop tomorrow


    Velo cafe Magasin Ltd
    Bicycle Studio
    No 14 Floor 2
    19-21 Ormeau Avenue
    BT2 8HD

  • Cheers bernards. I've given them a call hopefully they can shift it

  • i had no idea this place existed.
    Is it an actual cafe/shop/workshop type place?

  • as far as i know - i live in london and haven't been in belfast since they opened it. but i know joe, and he builds good bikes.

  • Just meet him and I have to say he is a throughly nice guy. He managed to remove the seized cup too so I have to say he's a genius

    He said he'll be getting fixed gear parts in. Sounds good and I hope it works out. Just what Belfast needs

  • glad I could help! sometimes its just a matter of persistance and a bit of luck when it comes to freeing seized parts. although the freeing spray I got from the car mechanics seems to work wonders!

    As regards the shop - its still very much in its infancy. Read on if you have time...

    The space we have on Ormeau Avenue is just and office and not really suited to a full workshop. its on the second floor, and its difficult to lug full bikes up and down, and we don't have a full workstation with a bench/vise etc. so the plan is to have that for sales and basic workshop stuff - like installing new parts. we're still stocking up on stuff, but at this stage we've got a lot of basics like chains, cogs, tyres + tubes, wheels (I'm a qualified wheelbuilder), brakes. saddles etc etc. I've a few second-hand frames and parts, but a lot of that stuff has already been built and ridden around the city.
    There is a bunch of road stuff there too, and we can order full bikes in if required. For fixed/SS, we can get Brev, Cinelli, Tifosi, Decade (kinesis) - with more brands being added all the time.
    There was a dream to have a fully functioning cafe too, but thats on the long finger due to the expense involved in setting it up. For now, we usually have a pot of coffee on the go, some snacks, and plenty of seating - so if anyone drops in they are welcome to that for free.
    The only time we're guaranteed to be there is monday and friday evenings, from 5-7 (or usually later). And I'm usually available for house calls around belfast for any urgent repairs or parts delivery.
    So feel free to call in any monday or fridday evening for a look around and a coffee. Or call the phone numbers on the website for anything urgent (as in the case this week with the seized BB). We can normally get around at lunchtimes during the week if you need something in a hurry, and

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Anyone in belfast

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