Epic WTF

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  • I bet Spotter turned off his Porn to watch a good hour and a half of bambi.

    dude..i've got 2 screens

  • been my ring tone for years now

  • im quite glad ive only just discovered it!

  • reminds me of my friends illustrated greeting cards

  • Lovely

  • talented friends

  • I was ambivilant until "thank you".

    Then the others became funny.


  • ......

  • Might be overkilling it but here's one more

  • Hmph! Can't believe I got negged for those greeting cards because they were too gross! But I got repped for the same post so it balances out I guess.

  • Too gross? Somebody has an overly vivid imagination

  • who nergged you?

  • Spybot did the big prude!

  • post more of the cards

  • Send him/her this one:

  • That breasts are offensive.

    *) Harley Street

  • Eastenders E20 - WTF?! I'm watching it right now due to having one bill for my phone, broadband and digital tv and two teenagers at home who think it's alright to clock up a massive bill... Anyway, wtf?! Who'd like to watch it? The characters - all streetwise and non-white as opposed to the mainstream soap - all as believable as boris Johnson. Some ghetto sket chatting up cockney boys. As if.

  • Some times things are neither win nor fail (or even a meme), they are just WTF. This thread will nicely accommodate them.

    such as this:


    I'm thinking that 80% of this thread will be japanese things

    Buts that's a fail vid.

  • Something tells me youredoingitwrong Merak.

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Epic WTF

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