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  • Someone once suggested I spray expanding foam up my neighbour's exhaust. Apparently if you extend the hose a bit the foam goes all the way to the valve gear. I don't whether this is just a theory or someone's tried it. I've used the foam in my kitchen and it dries to rock.

  • It will block an exhaust and if you lift a manhole cover works on drains too

  • The ol’ potato in the exhaust trick. Presumably one can’t control exactly when the engine will blow, so it might happen as the person is driving, probably causing an accident.

  • That would be a very long extension!

  • I'm enjoying the energy but if it's a private road not owned by the tennis club then I think the people parking on it are the ones at fault.

  • That was our initial thought but we took advice and not the case (which fits with the house owners trying to passively-aggressively put people off but not actively enforcing).

    Not sure why we can’t all live in peace and harmony but, if that’s not possible, then see how you like this topspin backhand on the run* (may or may not be a metaphor, Ts and Cs apply).

    *More waddle than run although it’s all relative

  • In that case you're doing God's work. Keep it up.

  • ^ & ^^ i had to look into it for a dispute around here... there's a difference where there's a right of way vs not. There must be a right of way for accessing the tennis club. The no right of way roads are often gated.

  • Surely the obvious thing to do is to park on one of the householders drives? As you describe it there is plenty of room and then you are not on the road. Cheery wave when you leave the vehicle and just post the paperwork that you find on the windscreen back through the letter box of the house you parked on the drive of.

  • put up your own fake no parking signs and then clamp their cars when they park there.

    when they tell you it's not real, point out it's as real as theirs are.

    for bonus amusement make it permit only parking and issue permits to all the people in the club.

  • Leave your own note on their windscreens inviting them to join your tennis club?

  • It is a private road.

    Is it private or is it unadopted?

    Most of the time, you would not have the right to park on a private road (and they could clamp you, or tow you, though not charge you for that).

    If it's unadopted, it's still a public highway.

  • Is it private or is it unadopted?

    Ha! The residents on a little road near us have put up a sign saying that their road is private AND unadopted!

    Neither hangs together for me tbh, because the road in question has council controlled zoned parking.

  • You can check on the council website... or just check to see if a lamp post has a council plate on the side in case of failure.

    Either it's council maintained and public owned... or the whole road is private and the council aren't maintaining any of it.

  • Sounds like the neighbours are going to be bastards.

  • It can have controlled parking and be unadopted. They are two different things.

  • at some point in the early spring when we start making the garden habitable for ourselves we'll be having a discussion about their bushes which will be interesting.

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  • I thought that councils won't provide parking services on private roads.

    My first job out of school was removing and destroying abandoned vehicles for Lewisham council. Fond memories. Lots of walking to keep me fit. £190 on the hip at the end of the week to spend on beer and beak. I felt like I was top of the pile. Coining it.

    From memory, in the year I was in the job, the four people )including me) in the team removed and crushed over 2,500 cars. It used to be a much bigger problem than it is now.

  • You can check on the council website... or just check to see if a lamp post has a council plate on the side in case of failure.

    Good call. Turns out that the pavement is council maintained but the roadway is unadopted!

  • It's fairly easy to find out in any case.

  • Unadopted rings a bell (and fits with their poor quality fronting*).

    *Attitude not their houses which are quite nice but a bit too near a tennis club for my liking

  • Come on man, they of course have 3 feet high keypad operated gates.

    Hang on though, could I lock a beater to them?

  • I can’t be sure but the footpath at the bottom of the cul de sac to the local mainstream primary school must be a proper Scanners moment for the residents twice every weekday

  • “My tennis club”? Now we’re getting to the nub, the fuckers will rue the day

  • To have a road adopted it has to be built to the correct standards, drains etc. Some councils are less willing to adopt roads and increase their liabilities.
    If there is a council maintained footpath it looks like there is a right of way.

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Epic WTF

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