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  • (courtesy of like minded newsthump)

  • Mate of mine had the building surveyor lay a huge steamer in the toilet.

    In the middle of summer. With the water disconnected.

    He came in 2 weeks after and it still stinking up the place.

  • If you go here you can order a free sample.

    I remember someone doing this, but having them sent to their mate's work for their first day at a new job.

  • Because it's a real gun?
    Obviously not much different visually to the time crisis gun I played with as a child. Or the replica Walther BB gun I bought from an army surplus place in Dulwich when it was around.

  • Yes.

    Raises all kinds of possible issues. Main one would be a kid (who in America may know not to pick up a Glock(!)) picking it up thinking it is a toy. It looks completely harmless and like something a child put together with a Lego set!

  • Yeah that's a risk alright. America's relationship with guns is weird.

    Too many adults playing with Lego eh, you can't have all the fun. I say this, but there might be Lego in my future 😅
    No glocks though, I don't think.

  • In 2020 there was something like 400 unintentional shootings by children.
    This means that everyday a small human picks up a loaded, unsecured gun and shoots it.

    I imagine that would possibly increase if the deathbringer is brightly coloured and looks like a toy

    Did a quick google and it was 369 shootings with 142 deaths.

  • Yeah I thought it happened a lot already. Crazy.

  • Yeah that's a risk alright. America's relationship with violence is weird.

    Ftfy imo. The culture has glorified violence, conflict, adversity to the point that it’s stunted the general population’s ability to peaceful resolve disputes. Screaming, threats and guns are constantly portrayed as commonplace and as the go-to solutions in popular culture (as is police lawlessness and torture but that’s a tangential discussion), and since most Americans are raised as much by their popular media as they are by their families, it’s little surprise gun violence is rampant. Even things like college applications subconsciously reinforce the notion that high-level conflict is desirable because it gives people the chance to be a Hero (TM) and ‘enrich’ their story. (people don’t realise that part of what makes heroes heroic is that they sacrifice a part of themselves that they don’t get back; see Jesus and deities major and minor being destroyed, Frodo who left with the elves because he lived in pain as a shadow of his former self, etc., but that’s another tangent too).

    Wasn’t there a scene in one of the Minions kids films where a character deviously says ‘Somebody’s going to die tonight!’? When was the last time you had a conversation and someone openly stated they were going to kill someone, and everyone just thought ‘Yep, that’s cool’. That might be normal but it’s not healthy in the long term, not for the individual and not for society.

  • Have yet to Google, but I think it means that a small human picks up a gun and shoots SOMEONE with it. God alone knows how many guns are discharged by kids without hitting anyone.

    Thankfully, UK gun laws mean that there are negligible gun incidents involving legally held weapons.

  • Wasn’t there a scene in one of the Minions kids films where a character deviously says ‘Somebody’s going to die tonight!’?

    I was thinking that the other day.

    Can you remember ll the recent films you've seen where an array of guns and rifles are displayed as the characters drool over them? It's in Iron Man. It's in The Heat. It's in Jackie Brown, John Wick, etc etc:


  • This is creeping into the 'video games encourage violence' realm. Maybe they do?
    I was an angry kid.

  • We're getting derailed, so I'll get us back on track by sharing one of my piss stories.

    Went to Stockholm on a lads-on-tour type holiday about 15 years ago. After a long pub crawl we ended up in some club on the ground floor of a fancy hotel by the water. I think it was a Hilton. One of my mates thought it would be fun to explore the hotel and in his drunken state believed he could charm his way into someone's room at midnight. I followed him out of curiosity. We somehow ended up on the top floor if the hotel and my mate proceeded to knock loudly on the door of each room, not even pausing to see if someone opened it. I suddenly realised I needed to piss and then panicked because I had got disoriented and in my booze haze had no idea where the lift was. I spotted an ice vending machine and ended up pissing in the little tray that captures water/stray ice at the bottom of the ice outlet. While pissing a load of bewildered people poked their heads out of their room doors, wondering what all the racket was. Somehow my mate failed to talk his way into a room that night.

  • In 2020 there was something like 400 unintentional shootings by children.

    I wonder how many intentional shootings happen

  • A lot more than 400, particularly if you include (probably) at least half of the 400 which were passed off as accidental.

  • That was a depressing rabbit hole to fall into. 174 unintentional shootings by children, resulting in 70 deaths and 113 injuries so far in 2021.

  • Men in Black.

  • Does the contents of the drip tray get recycled into ice?

  • 70 plus 113 is 183, so maybe 9 were injured to death, or death counts as a serious injury in some States? Either way, excellent shooting by Hiram T Shitbucket-Trump Jr III, the annual target for 2021 is within reach.

  • It could of course be that some injuries were from (un)lucky ricochets or people standing beyond the (un)intended target, creating a 2 for the price of 1 bullet situation. Still, great stuff Hiram!

  • This is creeping into the 'video games encourage violence' realm. Maybe they do? I was an angry kid.

    I see your point and I’d have to ponder how to distinguish between both realms, as it were.

    Initially I think it’s a matter of scope and pervasiveness. Some games might be violent, but not everyone plays them, and you kind of know what you’re getting into with a video game. Plus, the relative realism of TV and film has been proven to affect people’s way of thinking, eg trump rebranding himself with his tv show.

    On the other hand, one would hope that something like a film for children wouldn’t glamourise or trivialise violence, injury, combat, guns, etc., but the exact opposite is almost always true. The general population have been constantly nudged towards normalising that behaviour for decades, and it does have a psychological impact.

  • trivialise violence

    This ibstantly made me think of Tom and Jerry/itchy and scratchy.

  • Good example. Disney is full of others, same as Fox, Warner...

    In other news. Bolsonaro has had hiccups for 10 days straight.

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Epic WTF

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