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  • The Mall this morning

  • Future Cold War Steve scene?

  • Beyond the obvious close shave with a herd of elephants, I've got nothing.

  • It would have been quicker to search for 'elephants mall' as I did earlier.

  • Amazing clip, worth sharing again in another few years :)

  • octopus would be inedible if just roasted with the turkey

    Octopus is very nice raw. I stopped eating it though when I learnt they are as intelligent as people. Never eaten people raw.

  • chianti and fava beans make them palatable

  • I am (very) slowly coming around to this myself, it's by far my favourite protein...

    We're about to stop buying industrially caught/farmed/processed animal proteins, if I can catch it or kill it myself that's okay, otherwise it's a plant based diet from now on... Not thrilled about it but there you go...

    I'm gonna look at insect proteins as an alternative... 😬🤢

  • if I can catch it or kill it myself that's okay

    erm, why?

  • Because I'll have to work very hard if I want to eat another animal... I probably won't...

    I don't have a problem being a carnivore but I do have a problem with the resources used (and the cost to our environment) to keep everybody in burgers and fried chicken...

  • It’s good this is already in the Epic WTF thread so it doesn’t have to be moved there.

  • Disagree. Seems like a very sensible position.

  • Why is thst epic WTF? I think it's very fair.

  • Haha, have a nice day... 😘

    I've butchered and slaughtered animals myself in the past, no biggie, if you're gonna eat another animal you should be prepared to get stuck in and do the hard work yourself... One of my earliest memories is watching a pig being slaughtered in the yard of my mum's family's house, it was terrifying but it did make me realise where my food came from... As well as grandma breaking a chicken or rabbit's neck in front of me from a very early age, that's country life!

    I'm just trying my best to be a responsible consumer, apologies if that offends... 🤪

  • @kl I’m with old man Joe on this one too.
    I grew up doing country stuff and have been privy to animals being dispatched and butchered.
    It’s grim but shows a level of commitment and care about where your food comes from.
    Been happily vegan for years but would never judge someone for eating hunted meat.

    Closest I’ve come to eating meat in 5years was a sliver of venison jerky from my mates family estate up in the highlands last year. I didn’t in the end but at least I know my mate did the whole shebang from mounting the antlers thru to black pudding and tanning the hide.
    Considering how much culling there is to be done up there it’s a wonder anyone eats any meat other than bambi...

  • I think it's a pretty good position to have too, I couldn't kill the poor things so won't eat them, most people are far too disconnected from the whole animals becoming food thing and couldn't kill either but still do to excess.

  • I think it’s a nice good (?) sentiment but I’m not sure that having random people slaughtering animals would be so humane. Plus probably quite wasteful.

    Fwiw I’ve eaten fish that I’ve caught and (I think) rabbit that I shot.

  • Doubt it's much less humane, more importantly it's at a massively lower scale.

  • Nah, totally don't sign up to this thinking that unnecessary killing is just fine as long as you wield the knife yourself, and no idea why this idea that slaughtering animals yourself is somehow admirable has gained traction. It's still killing for pleasure, whether you outsource the psychopathy or not. There is still this idea that it's a bit primal and manly to kill things and eat their flesh, like there's some connection to our primitive roots, and I ain't buying it.

  • There is still this idea that it's a bit primal and manly to kill things and eat their flesh, like there's some connection to our primitive roots, and I ain't buying it.

    It's not about that though. It's about knowing where your food has come from and being able to trace back the impact that the rearing/life of that animal has had. If you are killing a wild animal or an animal that has been fed on wasted food (like the pigs that many families used to keep) then you know that the additional environmental impact that animal has had is minimal compared to a factory-farmed animal that is fed on crops grown on arable land. You can also be reasonably sure that the life of the animal has been better than if it was intensively reared, and for many people the quality of the animal's life, rather than the fact of its death, is a (if not the) key issue.

    It's also about honesty and a straightforward rebuttal to the argument that people wouldn't eat meat if they had to kill the animals themselves. It's not inherently admirable to wield the knife yourself, but it does at least demonstrate that you've not dodged the most emotionally challenging part of the process.

    If you're fundamentally ethically opposed to eating animals then obviously these arguments may not mean anything to you, but it's useful to remember that a lot of people do engage with the ethical questions and don't conclude that they need to completely give up eating meat.

  • Well our primitive roots were hunters and gatherers so kinda make sense to feel a connection?

    Either way, each to their own. Moving from a meat-based diet to a own-hunted-meat-based-diet will be better for animals and the planet so a step in the right direction. Let's applaud that instead of picking on people that doesn't reach up all the way to your high horse

  • Have we had vegan landlords in here yet?

  • They're probably delicious with chianti and fava beans, if a little on the lean side.

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Epic WTF

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