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  • And the study they refer to (not even directly at that) is not even about forefoot running, but foot strike patterns of barefoot runners.

    And forefoot running doesn't involve landing toes first.

    It's got to be a piss-take, no?

  • I can't remember the thread for this kind of wtf...


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  • it was a single track road where was he supposed to move over to ?

  • Exactly. It was painful to watch. I've had similar experiences, desperate to get past being in such a rush but keen to stop and argue their superior rights over cyclists as if it'll change anything in my mind... but I don't film my rides.

  • While that lady is clearly nuts, I have to admit that personally on a single track road if a car is behind me, I'll move off the road and stop if I have to to let them by. Not to be courteous to them, but because even if they're patient it's not nice being followed and I want them to leave me in peace on my ride ASAP.

  • The article says there were no passing places.

  • Yeah I do too, much prefer to get the car past than it sit on your wheel. I don't there wasn't any where to move off, raised verge on both sides as soon as the road widens he moves left and she moves level.

  • When I hear an impatient driver behind me, I only move out of the way if there is plenty of room. Impatient drivers are usually reluctant to crush you under their wheels but often happy to knock you sideways into the hedge/wall/pavement, which is a very likely result if there isn't much room.

  • The article says there were no passing places.

    Quote from the rider is 'nowhere to move over without stopping altogether'. I'm saying I would've stopped altogether. The 20s at the start of the video on the link doesn't show a suitable place, but supposedly the driver was already behind for a couple of minutes. Sure, the cyclist doesn't have to and he's not in the wrong, but unfortunately this kind of reaction from drivers is all too common.

  • He does not need to, is not obliged to and puts himself at risk by allowing someone to pass too close. He did nothing wrong. Would this driver be losing their shit if he had been on horseback?

  • If I get any shit from an impatient driver I lose the will to pedal and slow down to a crawl... Isn't this normal?

  • It’s happened to me...
    I tend to move to the left (your right) a little more at that point too.

  • I think I paid around fifteen quid for mine secondhand and I thought that was an extravagance!!

  • Yeah, paid $25AUD for mine and just thought I'd shift it seeing it's not getting used, but now I'm going to keep it for my retirement

  • Would this driver be losing their shit if he had been on horseback?

    Possibly not this one but I’m sure others would be.

    Would also say that it’s likely a cyclist could get themselves out the way a lot easier than a horse.

    I’m in the pull over and let them past crowd. Not on a descent, where I’ll likely be as fast or faster than a car but I’d generally rather take a couple seconds to pull over and let them past then continue in peace and quiet.

  • Also prioritise peace in these cases. But no judgement on others.

  • I'd probably pull over UNLESS, as this guy states, I knew the road was going to widen shortly, then I just carry on and they can wait, exactly like a tractor or another vehicle would.

  • Whilst I don't like to judge others either, the cyclist did sound a bit like an entitled middle-class twat.

  • The guy also says in the comments that the car had been behind him for about 3 minutes. I'm for pulling over to let people pass but not the second one comes up behind me, I'm going to do it when it's safe.

  • It looked like a master class on how not to handle those situations - from apparently not moving over on principle, because there's no law that says he has to, to (if he really couldn't pull over) engaging with her at all, to making that engagement an argument about who is right and wrong, to saying "you'll be on YouTube tonight" - has saying that ever made things better for anyone?

  • Ronnie Pickering?

  • Ronnie Pickering?

    Who ?

  • Pretty awful and grim, Vice are colourising the photos of Khmer Rouge victims and adding smiles:


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Epic WTF

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